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Who Is Tahj Brewton? Florida Teens’ Triple Murder Case’s Third Suspect



Tahj Brewton

Marion, a small town in Florida, was shocked to hear the blood-rushing news of a triple murder case among teenagers. Layla Silvernail, Camille Quarles, and an unidentified 17-year-old boy were found dead in multiple locations. Both Layla and Camilia were only 16 years old when their lives were taken after being shot in a car.

Reports reveal that the suspects crashed into the victim’s car and they shot and killed them. Residents claim that they heard gunshots, but there were no witnesses. Three of the victims’ bodies were found at different locations next to each other.

Layla Silvernail was alive when ‌officials discovered her body dumped in a dumpster near Forest Lakes Park; she died in the hospital due to heavy blood loss and injuries. The 17-year-old unidentified victim’s body was found lying on the road a few miles apart from Silvernail. Camille Quarles’s body was found inside the submerged Silvernail’s car in a pond.

However, police officials were able to gather evidence from the scene which eventually led to the suspect’s arrest.

Who Were The Suspects?

According to officers, three suspects including Tahj Brewton were believed to be in connection with the murder of the teenagers. 17-year-old Robert Robinson and Christopher Atkins, who were only 12 years, have been arrested in the triple murder case.

Florida teens’ triple murder case’s third suspect

The third suspect, Tahj Brewton, another 17-year-old, remains at large. The officers have proposed a $10,000 reward for ‌information that could lead to the capture of the notorious teenager.

The three suspects were believed to be acquaintances or friends with the victims, as some cellphone evidence suggests so. Since the killings were very amateurishly done- it made the officials easier to apprehend the first two victims.

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The officers presumed that the third victim might have assistance from someone or a group, and that could be why they are finding it difficult to apprehend him.

These suspects were believed to be in connection with a gang as they have obtained guns from the car thefts; however, it is unclear how many guns they were carrying. While the news made headlines, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods assured that a third suspect will be caught and suggested the residence ‌remain safe while the killer is on the loose.

Woods added that the investigation was immediately launched and they will apprehend the third suspect. The official also revealed the description and other details of the third suspect

Tahj Brewton: Florida Teens’ Triple Murder Case’s Third Suspect

The third suspect, who is on the run, is identified as Tahj Brewton, who is only 16 years old. Currently, a massive manhunt has been launched for the suspect in connection with the cold triple murder case. The suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous, and police are asking everyone to stay away from them.

The 2007-born suspect is presumed to be a native of Florida, who has connections with gangs. The details of the suspect are not clear. Neither of the two other killers who were with him gave away many details about him.

The lack of information makes it difficult for the police to locate the third suspect. Moreover, if in case he has links to any gang, the process will take longer and more strategic to apprehend the victim.

The police released a picture of the suspect and announced a reward of $10,000 to anyone who could bring information that led to his arrest. So far no information has been tipped anonymously, and neither the officials have located themselves. 

Billy Woods assured that the 17-year-old suspect, will be immediately arrested and will be presented to teh court along with others. Unfortunately, the fact will eventually liberate their sentence or punishment that all of them were juveniles.  

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