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How Did Justin Mildwater Die? What Was Justin Mildwater Cause Of Death



How Did Justin Mildwater Die What Was Justin Mildwater Cause Of Death

On December 25, 1997, Nadia Sawalha’s first husband, Justin Mildwater, passed away. Sawalha was a TV presenter and actress.

They had been married for five years before they divorced, and Justin was unable to cope with the emotional strain of the separation.

Nadia had a hard time coping with her sadness after her husband passed away in 1997.

Who was Justin Mildwater?

Justin Mildwater worked in the recording industry as a producer. He was only 31 years old when he committed suicide on Christmas Day in the year 1997. He was previously married to the presenter of the show Loose Women, Nadia Sawalha.

In the year 2019, as the panelists were discussing their life before joining the panel, 54-year-old Nadia was questioned about her first husband, Justin Mildwater, who was a member of the panel.

Justin Mildwater Cause Of Death

Nadia had to be cut off in the middle of her sentence when she was talking about her loss because she became very emotional.

Nadia admitted that she suffered real sorrow while she was working on EastEnders. She said, “My first husband passed away while I was there, and it was a very, truly dreadful period for everyone.” I was in the middle of a really significant tale, so I had no choice but to keep working.

Who is Nadia Sawalha?

Nadia Sawalha is a famous British YouTuber, actor, and TV personality. During the years 1992–1994, she portrayed Gina in the ITV comedy series Second Thoughts, and from 1997 and 1999, she portrayed Annie Palmer on the BBC serial opera EastEnders.

Justin Mildwater Nadia Sawalha first connected with actor Dexter Fletcher, who had previously been involved with her sister Julia.

In 1992, the couple tied the knot in Madaba, Jordan, in a ceremony that was in the traditional Bedouin style. This was done as a tribute to her father’s history.

Justin Mildwater Cause Of Death: How Did He Die?

Nadia had a difficult time finding work for a number of years, and she even worked as a waiter at a pizza joint, but she finally got her big break six months ago when she was cast in the role of Nadia Mitchell on the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Everyone in Nadia’s family, notably her husband Justin, was ecstatic at the news.

But, as Nadia’s character on the show became more involved in major plotlines, her workload on the show skyrocketed, and the constraints of being a TV celebrity built a rift between her and her husband, which ultimately resulted in her leaving the marriage.

Nadia, who at the time was playing the role of man-eater Annie Palmer on the hit program Albert Square, had divorced her husband Justin Mildwater approximately four weeks prior to his death by suicide.

Her friends blamed the long hours she was working on the show for his decision to take his own life.

Nadia Sawalha broke the news just a few short weeks before Justin took his own life by stating, “Justin had attempted to kill himself.”

Later, when his friends asked how he was doing, a disturbed Justin admitted to them, “I do feel suicidal occasionally, but I haven’t tried to kill myself.”

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“I am so depressed right now. I’m going through a very difficult time right now since I’ve decided to end my marriage to the woman I cherish and love the most.

“This is the most difficult time in my life; I’ve never been in such a state of misery before.”

At the time, Justin was just 31, and he found it impossible to accept the end of the relationship. Hence, he took his own life.

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