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Who Is Connor Sturgeon? All About Louisville Shooter: Net Worth, Age, Family, And More



Who Is Connor Sturgeon All About Louisville Shooter Net Worth, Age, Family, And More

The 25-year-old bank employee, Connor Sturgeon, who worked as a syndications associate and portfolio banker, was said to have stormed into the Old National Bank with an AR-15-style rifle after he received the notice of his termination letter.

The tragic incident has left the community in shock and sadness, and ‌officials are working to support the employees and the families impacted by this tragic event.

The incident came to light on Monday morning at the Old National Bank. According to reports, he brazenly opened fire which led to the deaths of four people and nine injured victims.

The police were immediately notified and they rushed to the scene in no time, securing the area and establishing a perimeter around the building. Upon their arrival, they had to exchange bullets to avoid the rising of the victims.

In doing so, they quickly and efficiently neutralized the suspect without any risk to themselves or others. Initially, officers were unclear whether the suspect had died from a self-inflicted wound or by firing from the officers.

But after conducting a thorough investigation, it was confirmed that he had been killed in the conflict with the police.

Louisville Shooter Connor Sturgeon

Shortly after the tense situation was finally under control, the police officers could identify the suspect as Connor Sturgeon, who had previously worked for the bank.

According to reports, he was triggered when he finally came to terms with the fact that the bank was going to terminate him.

The officers revealed that he was killed in the shooting with the officers. It is presumed that Connor was under lots of stress lately due to the economic conditions.

His mental condition further worsened when he came to know that the employer was planning fire to him from his only job, where he delicately worked for the past few years.

Connor was presumed to be “relaxed” and “extremely intelligent” by his superiors. The bank manager Buchheit-Siems said in an interview that Connor does not have any temper issues as he was always calm and never seemed like a threat to the industry.

Who Is Connor Sturgeon?

Connor Sturgeon is the son of Todd Sturgeon, who coached basketball at the same school where Connor studied.

Before that, he coached at the University of Alabama and stepped down from the job to move closer to family.

Connor studied at Floyd Central High School and was an excellent student and a basketball player on his father’s team. He completed his school and attended the University of Alabama to pursue a Master’s.

All About Louisville Shooter

Connor lives with his family in Greenville, Indiana.  We only found very little information regarding his family. No information regarding his mother has been disclosed.

However, it is important for us to respect their privacy if they intend to not disclose their personal information during these tragic times.

The officers also recovered a note addressed to his mother and a friend, which indicates, which reveals that he was going to open fire at the bank before he carried it out. However, it is not clear whether the family received the same or not.

No one close to Connor has expected this kind of action, as he was always pretty calm about him selves and he tends to improve himself to become a better person in ‌society.

In 2018, he wrote in a college essay that he was struggling to fit in with the school. He continued that he had trouble with his self-esteem as it was always a problem for him because it exhibited a negative attitude that impacted him to make friends. He also mentioned that he was improving to become more self-aware.

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The 24-year-old had a tumultuous childhood, living away from his father for a period of time.

But he seemed to be suppressing his emotions to please people, which could be the prime factor that triggered him when he lost the only job he had.

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