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Louisville Bank Shooting: 5th Victim Deana Ecker Died – Who Was She?



Louisville Bank Shooting 5th Victim Deana Ecker Died

A mass shooting at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10, 2023, Monday killed almost five, including both officers and civilians. As of the reports, it was stated that the shooter was identified as Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old employee of the bank itself. The shooter used a rifle as his weapon and was shot and killed by Law Enforcement.

From the reports given by a nearby local hospital, nine victims of the shooting were brought to the hospital, including two officers and seven civilians. As of the latest reports, three victims were released while three others remain in critical condition. 

Later on Monday, following the mass shooting, another victim also gave up to death after fighting for life for hours. The news was confirmed through a tweet posted by the authorities after 9. p.m, which named the victim as Deana Eckert. She was admitted to the hospital immediately after the mass shooting that took the life of many others. 

Who Was Deana Eckert? 

A woman named Deana Eckert, who was in her late fifties, was shot at the mass shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. She was transported to the nearby hospital immediately after the incident.

Deana Eckert 

But lately, on Monday night, Louisville Metro Police spokesman Aaron Ellis stated that Eckert surrendered to death after fighting for hours.

As of the details collected from her social media accounts, it was found that the fifty-seven-year-old woman was a graduate of Western Kentucky University. Prior to her death from the mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, Eckert worked as an executive administrative officer for the bank.

What Happened At The Louisville Mass Shooting?

From the statement released by Law Enforcement, it was stated that the shooting happened around 8.30 a.m. in the 300 block of East Main Street. The officials responded to a call reporting an active shooter in the bank near Slugger Fields.

Upon arrival, the police tracked the shooter, who was identified as Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old employee of the bank, and shot him down. Four people were confirmed dead at the scene, while nine others who were injured from the shooting were transported to the nearby University Hospital. 

The shooter opened fire at his workplace and was armed with a rifle with which he shot those present at the bank. As police arrived at the Old National Bank, shots were still fired and the shooter was killed after firing for a long time. 

Who Were The Other Victims? 

Besides Eckert, others who lost their lives in the mass shooting are Joshua Barrick, 40; Thomas Elliot, 63; Juliana Farmer, 45; and James Tutt, 64. As of the records, this latest shooting event is the fifteenth mass killing happening in the country within a year.

Victims of Louisville Mass Shooting

The Old National Bank shooting transpired just two weeks after the Christian elementary school Shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, which was around 160 miles (260 kilometers) to the south. In this mass shooting, a former student of the school killed three children and three adults. 

Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, manager of Old National Bank, reported that he witnessed people being murdered. She was attending a Microsoft Teams meeting when she witnessed the brutal attack virtually.

A survivor of the mass shooting who managed to flee the building reported that the shooter had started firing with a long rifle he had with him. The firing started in a conference room behind the building’s first door. He stated that the person next to him was shot down, and the blood was on him. 

Besides all these, it was later identified that the shooter was live-streaming the mass shooting. The video of the tragic event was immediately removed from the internet by Meta, which owns social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Craig Greenberg, the city’s mayor, reported the incident as “an evil act of targeted violence.” 

As of the recent reports, the motive behind the massive shooting was very personal. It was recognized that the shooter Connor Sturgeon was informed about the bank’s decision to terminate him from Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky. And as a response to the decision, he decided to open fire killing around five individuals.

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Also, the officials found a note written by the shooter for his parents and a friend. It revealed that he was going to open fire at the bank, but as of now, it is not clear whether his parents were aware of his decision beforehand.  

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