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Louisville Shooting Victims: 5 Killed And 8 Injured In Louisville Bank Shooting



Louisville Shooting Victims 5 Killed And 8 Injured In Louisville Bank Shooting

The Louisville shooting massacre has led to the bloodbath of five victims, with nine of them ‌injured, including two police officers.

Five of the victims have been reported dead by police officers who were on the scene.

In a heartbreaking and tragic development, officials have released the names of the five victims who lost their lives in the senseless act of violence.

More importantly, all of them were colleagues of the shooter, who was also a former employee of the Old National Bank.

Louisville Shooting Victims

The Old National Bank employees who passed away from the deadly shootout are Tommy Elliot (63), senior vice president at the bank, Jim Tutt (64), marketing executive, Josh Barrick (40), senior vice president and commercial real estate banking, Juliana Farmer (45), commercial banking agent and Deana Eckert (57), executive administrative officer.

Louisville Shooting Victims

However, the personal details of these late employees are unknown. But one thing is sure; they all were well-renowned and highly skilled professionals who are devoted to building a good future regarding financing structure in the state by providing strategic and cost-effective methods to the current government.

Every single one of these employees is invaluable to their families, who depend on them for support, and to their coworkers, who count on them for their expertise and insight.

They’re also a crucial part of the company’s success; without them, the company would be irreplaceable.

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Tommy Elliot, a beloved and much-missed friend of both the city and the state, was recalled as an “incredible” and “dedicated” public servant by Mayor Craig Greenberg and Gov. Andy Beshear.

In an interview with Andy Beasher, he said that Elliot was a brilliant advisor, who provided valuable insight for Andy as well as for Bank.

Andy continued that he learned from Elliot how to become a great father as well as raveled on how Elliot helped him to become the governor.

In the aftermath of the shootout, nine injured victims were rushed to the University of Louisville Hospital.

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All of them are in stable condition, with the exception of one patient who is in critical condition. A police officer named, Nickolas Wilt, was shot in the head during the conflict.

Interim Police Chief Jackie Gwinn-Villaroel revealed that his condition was very critical as the next few days were really important for the officer, shortly after he went through the brain surgery. Nickolas was a rookie who only joined the force ‌a week earlier.

Mayor Craig Greenberg recalled awarding him the police academy graduation diploma a few weeks ago.

It is a tragic and unfortunate fact that so many innocent lives have been lost due to the maniacal shooting of the gunman.

The Shooter And Cause Of Opening Fire On The National Bank?

The shooter is none other than 25-year-old, Connor Sturgeon, who was also a colleague of the victims from the bank.

The Shooter And Cause Of Opening Fire On The National Bank

Connor was a Floyd Central graduate who completed his major at the University of Alabama. During her school days, he was an excellent basketball and football player.

He was very popular in the school due to his high-profile skill in sports and athletes. One of his friends disclosed that he had multiple concussions while playing sports and eventually he started wearing a head guard.

Connor was labeled as a calm friend, and none of his friends expected that he would carry out something like this.

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In an essay from his university days, he wrote that he struggled to make friends in ‌school as his self-esteem was always a problem and he was looking for ways to improve, despite his popularity.

It seems that Connor was struggling internally even to make a genuine and close friend. At the time of the massacre, it was reported that he was triggered by ‌news of the bank planning to fire him.

It appears that something might have triggered the mentality of Connor to wipe out the conference room of the bank before public hours. 

Connor might have some targets given the above circumstances, or he might have randomly opened the fire; only further investigation unfurls the incidents from Connor’s perspective.

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