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Jack Daniels Boycott: Calls Over LGBT Campaign ‘Lost A Loyal Drinker’



Jack Daniels Boycott

Jack Daniels became the latest Alcohol-brand to face backlash over gender campaign promotion. The recent trending backlash was over Jack Daniels two-year-old campaign, which features drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race back in 2021.

The campaign was a three-episode series, titled, Drag Queen Summer Glamp, featuring Manila Luzon, Bebe Zahara Benet, and Trinity the Tuck, who were all Drag Queens.

The three-part series was released on Pride Month as a form of showing support for the LGBTQ community. The series centers around the trio celebrating ‌pride month with a southern barbeque and Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

Jack Daniels Boycott Calls Over LGBT Campaign 'Lost A Loyal Drinker'

The campaign did not receive much of a backlash then. However, after the Budlight incident, where several Twitter users claimed that the brewing company went “woke,” multiple users dug out the old video of the Tenneese-based drink.

Despite the video being two years old, it is still receiving fresh negative feedback from the internet community. Transgender rights and liberties have become a key issue in recent culture wars centered around the question of whether transgender people should be allowed for such promotions.

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Many high-profile celebrities have been speaking out against the culture due to the massive attention they gained during the past couple of years. 

While some of them do not have any hatred towards the community, they are annoyed with the attention and fame these people receive just because of the transition. While the same group of people toils hard to meet the ends. 

However, the Tenneese-based company has not altered its comment, which was made in the release of the video. The company’s statement remains the same, and it does not plan on taking any action.

Negative comments further fueled the campaign when ‌country singer Travis Tritt shared the 2021 video and asked everyone to pour out their opinions. As expected several users showed support to boycott the campaign and the trend of transgenders appearing in the promotion for beer companies.

Then, the company took a firm stand in support of the rights of transgender employees, by releasing a statement expressing support for the video series. As of now, the company seems to be taking its stance on the same. 

He stated that the campaign’s focus on inclusivity and diversity indicates the brand’s “holistic approach” toward bringing diverse customers together. But it seems that the comment has taken a U-turn, as the number of loyal customers is now expected to switch to their favorite brand after the emergence of the old video, which has gone viral.

Why Are People Boycotting Jack Daniel’s?

The video of one loyal customer named, Pauly Michaelis, went viral after he threw away all of the whiskey bottles of the brand and clarified to the company that they lost a “loyal customer” and vowed to never buy alcohol from the brand.

The number of customers may take a dip ‌in the coming days. But at the same time, the LGBTQ community has expressed their support amid the fresh scrutiny. The campaign has received outrage from ‌fans and followers of the brand. It seems that many of these customers are against the concept of collaborating with transgenders.

However, what could be amusing is that the company may have expected this outrage, even though they did it. By this‌, the company may invite more drinkers from the LGBTQ while they lose some customers at the time.

The drastic change cannot be evaluated immediately. As the incident is fresh, it may take some time to properly evaluate the new revenue. However, sooner or later all the reports will be out. Only then can we find out the impact and aftermath of the boycott campaign by the boozers.

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