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Alabama Shooting: Who Is Alexis Dowdell? All About Phil Dowdell Sister



Who Is Alexis Dowdell All About Phil Dowdell Sister

The whole of downtown Dadeville was shattered on Saturday, April 15, after the deadly shooting that broke out in the city later that night. The incident took the lives of around four people and left multiple others injured. 

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency(ALEA) stated that the shooting broke out in Dadeville, Alabama, which is 60 miles northeast of Montgomery. The bullets were fired at a crowded birthday party happening in a small town around 10.34 p.m.

The news of the breakout became widespread on Sunday morning as the authorities released statements on reports from the crime scene.

As per the request put forward by the Dadeville Police Chief, ALEA has initiated a death investigation. And as of now, no updates were recorded also, there are no suspects. 

Who Is Alexis Dowdell?

Alexis Dowdell is a teenager who lost her beloved brother at her birthday celebrations that happened on Saturday in a small rural Alabama town.

The deadly shooting scene transpired at the place where the young American girl was celebrating her birthday. As the news went viral globally, ‘Alexis Dowdell’ became a name common to the masses and hit the headlines of the news. 

 Alexis Dowdell

The young girl was celebrating her sixteenth birthday on Saturday, and a huge crowd gathered here to celebrate her day.

But the happiness they had has all of a sudden changed to mourning after the massive bullet outbreak. The shooting has taken the lives of four including her own brother Phil Dowdell and has even caused severe casualties.

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Who was Phil Dowdell?

Philstavious Dowdell, commonly known as Phil, was a high-school football star and honor student who lost his life at the Alabama mass shooting.

He was the brother of Alexis, the teenager who was celebrating her birthday. He was all set to graduate from college and even committed to play at Jacksonville State University as their wide receiver. 

Alabama Shooting Who Is Alexis Dowdell All About Phil Dowdell Sister

With the passing away of Phil, not only the Dowdell family but even those who gathered at the scene were in deep pain. He was about to graduate from high school and had also achieved a scholarship to play football at Jacksonville State University. 

According to his friends, Phil was more like a hometown hero and was known prominently for his skills. Most of them, who knew the boy, couldn’t believe what they’d heard. Jacksonville State Head Coach Rich Rodriguez commented in a statement that Phil was a great young man with a bright future. 

How Old Was Alexis? 

The reports released in the news stated that Alexis Dowdell was celebrating her sixteenth birthday on Saturday. She celebrated her day with family and friends when the mass shooting broke out. 

As per her social media, Alexis Dowdell is much into cheerleading and is currently attending high school. Many details regarding the young American girl are not yet revealed. Also, the details regarding the other victims and the survivors are not disclosed.

Furthermore, the motive behind the mass shooting incident that transpired lately on Saturday is not yet revealed. With the news becoming more viral, people all around the globe are paying their tribute and condolences to those who lost their loved ones in the shooting. 

Apart from Alexis Dowdell brother, her mother has also sustained two bullet shots but is currently in stable condition. As of now, four people were killed and numerous casualties are also reported. 

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