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Who Is Courtney Clenney? Onlyfans Model Detained For Killing Boyfriend



Who Is Courtney Clenney Onlyfans Model Detained For Killing Boyfriend

Courtney Clenney, a model for OnlyFans who is accused of killing her boyfriend during a fight in the luxury condo they shared in Miami, has been served with a lawsuit by the victim’s family in an effort to recoup the costs of the funeral and other associated expenses.

Find out more information on Courtney Clenney, including the murder of her lover and other details.

Who Is Courtney Clenney?

After a heated argument that the couple had on April 3, Courtney Clenney, who is now 26 years old, was charged with the second-degree murder of Christian Obumseli, who passed away as a result of his injuries.

Who Is Courtney Clenney

Clenney’s legal team has maintained that the social media influencer, who has 2 million Instagram followers and once ran a booming business with OnlyFans, only killed her beau in self-defense. Clenney’s legal team has contended that this.

Prosecutors from the state said that Clenney’s freedom was in jeopardy because of the money she had made from using websites such as OnlyFans. In the year 2020, Courtney Clenney made more than $900,000, and in the year that followed, he made more than $1.8 million.

Clenney has more than 2 million fans on OnlyFans. Over a year ago, Clenney and her lover Christian Obumseli were living in a luxurious apartment when Clenney attacked her boyfriend with a kitchen knife. Christian Obumseli is a cryptocurrency trader.

The case alleging wrongful death was filed by Chio Obumseli, the victim’s father, against Courtney Clenney, the owner of the high-rise building where the altercation took place, as well as the management and security businesses for the restricted property.

The action was brought against all of these parties. According to the allegations made in the civil complaint, the family has racked up significant expenses as a result of Christian’s medical care and burial costs.

Additionally listed in the lawsuit is the proprietor of the building in which the stabbing occurred as well as the members of the condominium’s security staff.

The family is attempting to reclaim the fees, in addition to claiming unspecified damages to compensate for past and future mental suffering, as well as the loss of his family’s ability to receive his future support and services in the future.

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What Happened Actually?

Four months after the horrific tragedy that occurred inside the couple’s opulent house, Courtney Clenney was taken into custody while she was receiving treatment in Hawaii.

The boyfriend and girlfriend argued with each other on a regular basis, and on occasion, their arguments were so loud that the building managers considered evicting them.

Courtney Clenney Detained For Killing Boyfriend

When questioned if Clenney had been the victim of any physical abuse prior to the stabbing, Clenney’s second counsel, Sabrina Puglisi, stated that she had photographs to establish that her client had been injured.

In a prior statement, he claimed that Courtney Clenney was forced into stabbing him after he seized hold of her by the throat.

Prieto stated in the summer, after Clenney was arrested, that the couple had been together for a shorter amount of time than two years and were no longer together at the time of the homicide.

According to the allegations made by the State’s Attorney’s Office for Miami-Dade County, Courtney Clenney allegedly stabbed Obumseli while he was falling.

At a news conference in August, prosecutors stated that she had a history of domestic violence towards her partner. One of the alleged incidents had her attacking him in an elevator in their building, which was located in the upscale district of Edgewater.

On May 9, Courtney Clenney is scheduled to make his next appearance in the criminal court of Miami-Dade County. It is alleged that she committed the crime of murder in the second degree while using a deadly weapon.

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