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Who Is Dthang GZ? Is He In Jail? Bronx Rapper Arrest And Charges



Who Is Dthang GZ Is He In Jail Bronx Rapper Arrest And Charges

Indictments were handed down on 65 charges, including attempted murder, animal cruelty, and other offenses, against Bronx drill rapper Dthang Gz and 33 other individuals.

But Is Dthang GZ In Jail? People are interested in gaining more information regarding the most recent charges that the rapper has been facing.

Keep scrolling for more details about Dthang Gz, including his arrest and the charges against him, as well as other facts.

Who Is Dthang Gz?

Daniel Collins, better known by his stage moniker DThang Gz, is an American rapper and one of the pioneers of the Bronx drill genre. GZ spent his entire childhood in the Bronx, New York, where he was born.

Who Is Dthang GZ

The charismatic rapper’s YouTube videos have amassed more than 10 million views, illustrating the significant impact he’s had on the music industry.

Singles such as Talk Facts with TDOT and Bando, Wedgie Man This Wedgie Man That, a diss track directed against fellow Bronx rapper Sha EK, Caution, and many others have brought him widespread recognition.

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Bronx Rapper Arrest And Charges

On May 24, 2022, Dthang GZ, whose actual name is Daniel Collins, was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and criminal possession of a weapon.

It has been stated that he was arrested together with 33 other members of the gang, which is thought to be River Park Towers.

The office of the District Attorney in the Bronx alleges that on May 18, 2022, Collins and the other individuals were in the area of 169th Street and University Avenue when they fired multiple bullets with the intention of killing an individual who they believed to be a member of a rival gang.

The incident did not result in any injury to the victim. Collins and the other individuals were brought before the judge on May 25, 2022, and all of them were ordered to remain in custody without bail.

According to the source, Collins was detained once before, in March of 2022, but he was allowed to go free at the time.

It has not been reported that Dthang GZ has been charged with any kind of illegal action after he was released from detention.

In addition to the arrest of 33 other suspects and a rapper in connection with the homicide case, no other suspects have been detained.

The audience of GZ is interested in learning about the circumstances behind his recent arrest and the reasons he was denied bail.

A judge took the decision to keep Dthang GZ in custody without the possibility of posting bail after taking into consideration a number of aspects, including the seriousness of the allegations against the defendant, the defendant’s prior criminal record, and the potential risk to the community.

Since his release from prison in March 2022, he has not been detained or charged with any crime, according to the most recent information available.

Is Dthang GZ In Jail?

There is no new evidence that GZ is currently being held in a prison. Daniel Collins, better known by his stage name DThang GZ, co-founded the hip-hop group Bronx Drill.

Dthang GZ Arrest

The arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Dthang GZ were announced on May 24 by Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark and NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

This announcement came only six days after the New York Senate passed a bill titled “Rap Lyrics on Trial Bill,” which makes it illegal to use rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials.

But since the statement, there has been no further information provided regarding his detention.

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