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Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death Video: Mid-air Performance Footage



Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death Video Chinese Acrobat Falls Death During A Mid-air Performance

Startling footage of an acrobat falling to her death during a live performance was circulating all over the media. 

A female Chinese acrobat was caught on camera plunging 30 feet onto the stage while performing live with her husband in Suzhou City. The incident happened in the presence of hundreds of audience members who were keenly watching the beautiful couple perform in the air. 

On Saturday, the couple, who were later identified as Sun Moumou and Zhang Moumou by the local media, was performing in the central Anhui province village of Hougao.

In the video, the 37-year-old couple were seen hoisted by a cable and were not wearing any gear or protection aid. Also, no safety measures were taken by the authorities, including any safety nets.  

Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death

The female acrobat was standing on her husband’s feet. She was grabbing onto his neck, which was her only hold. The couple was seen pulled high into the air by a crane placed above a large outdoor stage in the video.

The man’s arms were wrapped with a long piece of cloth that was hanging from the crane. When they reached a height of 30 feet, they were about to start their performance.

But unfortunately, she lost her grip and plunged hard onto the stage. Her husband tried to catch her with his legs but failed.

The crowd gathered to watch the mesmerizing act but witnessed such a horrific situation. All of them screamed all together as they saw the artist fall from height onto the stage without any protection.

After the terrifying incident, videos of her tragic death were circulated all over the media, especially on Chinese social media.

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The video has shocked everyone and thousands of comments were made by those who came across the video.

People started complaining to the authorities for not using any safety measures for the protection of the artist who was performing at heights in the air.      

The accident happened within seconds after they were pulled into the air by the crane. Even though she was rushed to the hospital, she passed away from the severity of her injuries. 

According to some local media networks, they state that the event’s host bragged about the act beforehand about the artists performing without any safety measures or aids in order to increase the anxiety of the audiences and to make it feel more real.

But unfortunately, all of these came to a tragic ending which was unpredicted. 

Millions of viewers, who watched the video, commented about the careless act of the artist and the authorities.

Some others asked the authorities who host such events to follow strict measures and regulations beforehand to avoid such tragic events.

People brought the incident to the limelight and asked the aerobic industry to follow safer regulations in order to protect the life of their performers. They pointed out the risks which are known to all but left careless.

Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death Video: Falls Death During A Mid-air Performance Footage

The public even commended, “No matter how professional the performers are, there will always be errors. How come there are no protection measures?”

As per the statement released by the Tongqiao government about the tragedy, the incident was ruled as an accident. From the records, the event was hosted by a local farm business owner.

The aerobic artists who performed in the act belong to the Anhui Yaxi Performing Arts Media Company which was contracted by the event team.

As of the reports, the company was said to have failed to attain approval from the authorities prior to the event, and because of this, no safety measures or emergency aids were made available.

Moreover, as per the rules, using a crane for such an act was also against the rules and regulations. 

The couple, Sun Moumou and Zhang Moumou were married for over a decade and shared two children together. Some rumors circulating in the local media stated that the couple had a fight prior to their performance.

And because of this, the late artist refused to wear the safety measure. But when enquired about this, her husband disapproved of the statement and said that they were always happy together and never had any fights. 

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