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Taylor Hazlewood: Man Sues Netflix For $1M After His Photo Appears In Murder Documentary



Who Is Taylor Hazelwood Man Sues Netflix For $1M After Using His Photo

Taylor Hazlewood, a 27-year-old man from Kentucky is suing Netflix and seeking damages of one million dollars for using his pictures in a bad light in the true-crime documentary, The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.

Who Is Taylor Hazlewood?

Taylor Hazlewood is a respiratory therapist in a neonatal ICU. it is unclear where exactly he works or the place and date of his birth, but he is a well-respected and experienced therapist.

Who Is Taylor Hazelwood

Taylor is now critically involved in a lawsuit claiming that his personal pictures were used in a misappropriate matter in the recently released documentary The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker alongside the convicted killer, Caleb.

Since Taylor is currently tangled with the lawsuit, he is intent on keeping his information private, as many believe that Taylor was also involved in the incident.

Ever since the documentary, several friends have been approaching him untrustworthily due to his feature in the documentary in a bad light.

At the same time, his lawyer confirmed that her client is scared of the consequences and is seeking to reimburse the damages caused by the media giant.

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The Lawsuit Against Netflix

The lawsuit accuses ‌‌streaming company Netflix of misappropriating his photos in the crime documentary. In the documentary, photos of Taylor Hazlewood were shown holding a hatchet along with the pictures of Caleb Lawrence McGilvary, who was the real killer of the documentary.

Taylor’s pictures were supposed to be extracted from his personal Instagram account without his permission and used in the documentary.

Taylor Hazelwood's Lawsuit Against Netflix

The filing also clears the purpose of the specific picture. The document revealed that Hazlewood’s picture was taken back in 2019 as a reminder of his favorite childhood book Gary Paulsen’s “Hatchet”.

It added that the picture was used in a documentary multiple times without his permission. The lawsuits allege that Taylor Hazlewood was neither informed nor contacted by Netflix productions regarding his photo

His attorney, Angela Buchanan, stated that the lack of diligence from Netflix has impacted his social life, personal relationships, and his reputation in society and the workplace.

She added that her client is always in constant fear regarding the negative consequences of using his photos alongside the killer McGivallary, who rescued the life of a woman.

Crime Documentary And The Life Of Taylor Hazlewood

Everything around Taylor Hazlewood’s life was going smoothly until he started receiving messages from his friends indicating his photo in the 2023-released documentary.

The lawsuit says that Hazlewood’s photographs and the audio at the end of the video in which a voice asks, “Is this guardian angel or a stone-cold killer?” have caused waves of shock among his loved ones who have seen the documentary.

When considering the authenticity and genuineness of the content on Netflix, many of his acquaintances thought that the documentary was true and reached Taylor Hazlewood regarding the issue, where Taylor was shocked to learn the use of his pictures in a bad light in the crime documentary.

The lawsuit further states that Taylor Hazlewood’s reputation was tarnished by the release of those images, and he fears that his acquaintance might conclude him as a killer assuming the worst while contacting him to learn the truth.

It continued that he was beyond angry for connecting him with the troublesome story of Caleb Lawrence McGillvary.

What Is The Documentary About?

The documentary revolves around and rises to fame as Caleb Lawrence McGillvary and his murder trial. McGillivary became a national sensation for his defensive attempts at killing McBride, whom he met while hitchhiking.

While traveling, McBride revealed how he raped a 14-year-old girl while on a business trip. McGillivray’s defensive instincts emerged when McBride crashed into a community worker and attacked a woman.

His revelation came in an interview with a media outlet that describes how he killed McBride using a Hatchet in order to save the women. Caleb became a celebrated hero among the media outlets for his heroic acts in saving the lives of unknown people.

However, things turned dark when he encountered ‌a 73-year-old New Jersey attorney named Joseph Galfy. McGillivray claimed that Galfy approached him sexually while he was drugged by the 73-year-old, which led to the murder of the attorney. He claims that it was an act of self-defense, but police refuse to believe his statement.

McGillivray has been convicted and charged with murder; was sentenced to 57 years in prison. As of now, he is serving his sentence in New Jersey State Prison.

With the release of the documentary, McGillvary has accused Netflix of publicly exploiting him to gain profit.

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