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Woman Attacked By Mob Video Went Viral, After Chicago Teen Takeover



Woman Attacked By Mob Video Went Viral, After Chicago Teen Takeover

On the internet, there is a horrible video that is spreading that shows a vulnerable woman being encircled and beaten up by a mob of teenagers in Chicago.

It is believed that the footage was captured in front of a residential apartment building in the downtown area of Chicago. The woman’s screams could be heard as she was viciously attacked by a gang of adolescents.

You will find out more about the viral video and the horrible events that took place in Chicago by reading this article.

Woman Attacked By Mob Video: Who Is She?

During the “Teen Takeover” of downtown Chicago, a new video has surfaced showing a terrified woman being violently attacked, beaten, and robbed by a group of young people. The video also shows the woman panicking as the group approaches her.

Woman Attacked By Mob Video

The video, which was widely shared on social media as part of a wider “mix tape” of the downtown unrest that took place over the weekend, shows what appears to be a lady attempting to enter the doorway of an apartment building in Chicago located near the city’s Millennium Park.

The footage was captured during the riot that took place over the weekend. However, before the woman can enter, the entrance to the building is obstructed by a big gathering of people who have gathered around it. The subsequent assault on her may be seen in the footage.

During the assault, the 20-year-old woman, who has been identified as Ashley, was with her boyfriend, DJ, who is 22. A bunch of teenagers can be seen encircling Ashley as she stands in a doorway in the short video that has the message “Yay we get active”.

It appears that one of the adolescents has her in a headlock and is dragging her over the ground while she cries in terror.

According to the police complaint, the mob encircled the victims and various people struck the victims multiple times before seizing their personal goods and fleeing in an unknown direction.

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What Led To The Attack?

On Monday, a local news station published the footage and linked it to a violent “teen takeover” of the city that had occurred during the previous weekend.

During that incident, as many as one thousand out-of-control rioters torched cars, assaulted and robbed people, fought with police, and destroyed property.

According to Ashley’s account, at the time of the attack, she was out with her boyfriend, shopping for groceries.

“We were just downtown in Chicago attempting to shop and get some food, and as we were walking down the street, there was a really large group of guys and girls,” Ashley stated. “We tried to avoid them as much as possible.”

“DJ had my hand and he was trying to lead me through the crowd of people, and they pushed him, and they pushed me, and as soon as they pushed me, I told DJ, I said, ‘Hey, they just shoved me.’ “

“DJ had my hand and he was trying to lead me through the crowd of people.”And he questioned them, he was like, ‘Yo, don’t shove her. Who was it that pushed her? And the moment he finished saying that, everything began to spiral out of control. They warned us that they would put an end to us.

She claimed that a mob shoved her to the ground and then turned on DJ to beat him immediately after. They carried out a robbery on the couple, during which they made off with their shoes, phones, glasses, an Apple Watch, and a cap.

In spite of the fact that the victims were taken to the University of Illinois Hospital with injuries that were deemed to be non-life threatening, no arrests have been made in connection with the event.

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