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Tiera Strand Video: Mom Seen On Video Being Attacked Found Dead In Ditch



Tiera Strand Video Missing Mom Seen On Video Being Attacked By Friends Found Dead In Ditch

The body of a missing Texas mother whose assault was caught on camera outside a club was discovered in a ditch. To read more about the tragic loss of 25-year-old Tiera Strand, please scroll down the page.

Who Is Tiera Strand? And What Happened To Her?

According to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department, the body of Tiera Strand who had been reported missing in Downtown Austin was discovered several days later in a ditch approximately 70 miles away.

Who Is Tiera Strand And What Happened To Her

Strand was well-known for her vibrant hair, her drive, her vivacious attitude, and the fact that she was a wonderful mother to her daughter, who was six years old.

Tiera Strand was reported missing to the Austin Police Department (APD) on April 17 after her family said they had last seen her leaving a club on Sixth Street.

North of Temple, near the 1300 block of Berger Rd, on April 21, deputies from the Bell County Sheriff’s Department found Strand.

Strand was enrolled in a program that allowed him to continue his study toward earning his high school diploma. He planned to graduate in the month of May. She was thinking about signing up for the United States Navy.

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Tiera Strand Video: What Is The Cause Of Death?

The awful finding was found approximately 70 miles outside of Austin, which is where Tiera Strand was seen being attacked by many women at the Mooseknuckle Pub at around 2 a.m. on April 16. The video of the attack was captured on film.

Tiera Strand Video

Her family said that she went out with some friends on Saturday night, not realizing that it would be the last night of her life.

It has been claimed by Herron, along with Tiera Strand’s cousins Tamara Yarbrough-Kelly and Chandra White, that Strand was attacked by numerous persons prior to her disappearance, and there is video evidence to support this claim.

When Tiera Strand’s family didn’t hear from her, they allegedly called her cellphone and were told by friends she had been with the night she vanished that they had her belongings.

The family insists that this is not in Tiera Strand’s character, so they were taken aback when her pals answered the phone and claimed to have her belongings in their possession.

Those same friends allegedly had Tiera’s car, shoes, keys, handbag, and mobile phone, and they told Tiera’s family that she had walked away along 6th Street and into the night. Tiera’s family indicated that they believed their friends.

The family of Tiera has expressed their belief that there are those who are still at large who are aware of what took place to Tiera and have urged them to come forward.

“We want justice for her, and we want whoever did this to her to be stopped,” said Monica Herron, Tiera’s mother. “We want the person who did this to her to be held accountable.”

Strand’s family claims that they have received very few to no answers on the manner in which she passed away, but they will not give up their investigation until they do.

The investigation to determine what caused Tiera Strand’s death is still ongoing.

An investigation is being carried out jointly by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Bell County Sheriff’s Department and the Homicide Unit of the Austin Police Department.

They request that anybody who may have information get in touch with the BCSD CID at the number 254-933-5442 or the Austin Police Department Tip line at the number 512-472-8477.

According to some who were close to Tiera Strand, she is survived by a daughter who is 6 years old. The child has not yet been informed by her relatives that her mother has passed away.

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