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Who Was Michael Palin Wife Helen Gibbins? Her Cause Of Death, Life, And More



Who Was Michael Palin Wife Helen Gibbins Her Cause Of Death, Life, And More

Helen Gibbins, the wife of the Monty Python Comedian Michael Palin, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 79. Michael Palin has paid tribute to Helen, his wife, for the past 57 years. 

Who Was Michael Palin Wife? How Did They Meet?

Michael Palin announced the death of Helen Gibbins on his website. Palin stated on his website that his dearest wife Helen passed away peacefully early on Tuesday morning.  According to Palin, Helen was the bedrock of his life since they met.

Michael Palin Wife

Palin said that he first met Helen while they were on a vacation in the Suffolk beach resort of Southwold, and he fictionalized the meeting in the 1987 BBC drama East Of Ipswich

Helen and Palin have four grandchildren in addition to their three children, Thomas, William, and Rachel. They live with them in Gospel Oak, north-west London. Palin wrote that Helen’s death was an indescribable loss for him and their three children. 

In the note shared by Michael Palin on his website, he described what caused his wife’s death and remembered how they met and spent life together. 

Michael Palin Wife Helen Gibbins Cause Of Death

According to Michael Palin, Helen Gibbins went through years of chronic pain, which was made worse a few years earlier when kidney failure was discovered.  Palin revealed last year that his wife had entered respite care after his pain medication did not work.

Helen and Palin met when they were 16 and the childhood sweethearts got married in 1966. They had celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary a few weeks before Helen’s death.

Along with the post which paid tribute to Helen, Michael Palin shared a selfie of them smiling innocently and joyfully. They were living happily for the past 57 years, rooting for each other’s growth. 

Two and half weeks before Helen Gibbins passed away, the couple successfully completed 57 years together. Helen had been with the family in every ups and downs for Palin as well as for their children and grandchildren. And so, her death was an indescribable loss for the whole family. 

As already mentioned, Palin stated that Helen was the bedrock of his life. Helen’s humor and common sense served as the foundation of their relationship, and her quiet understanding guided all of Palin’s judgments. 

Michael Palin And Helen Gibbins Relationship

Michael Palin and Helen Gibbins first met when they were 16, on a summer vacation on the Suffolk coast. After dating for years, they decided to get married in 1966. The couple got married in their twenties and led a peaceful life together. 

Michael Palin-Helen Gibbins Relationship

He stated that Helen was a vision of rebellion when he first met her and that their affair grew swiftly. 

Helen was in Cambridgeshire at the time they met, and Palin was living in Sheffield. Even though they were living apart, the two kept in touch by sending letters, and they eventually reunited the following summer.

Then fate brought them back together again on Palin’s first day at Oxford University, where Helen was spending the weekend with a friend. 

Palin remarked about the reunion that it was truly twisting the screws on them very hard at that time. After getting married in 1966, Helen Gibbins began working as a bereavement counselor while Michael pursued a comedy career. Before marrying Michael Palin, Helen worked as a teacher. 

The actor claimed that Helen was always very much tolerant of his travels. If she didn’t let him go during the time of his travels, he might have ended up in the house looking into the atlases.

According to Palin, coming back home has always been the best part of his travel and career because it’s where he found peace and happiness. 

Palin wrote about their relationship on his website as a tribute to his wife who had been the pillar of support for him in the past 57 years. The family of Helen Gibbins and Michael Palin asked to respect their privacy until they cope with the situation. 

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