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Who Was Stormie Seibold, The Pilot Who Killed In Big Bear Airplane Crash?



Who Was Stormie Seibold, The Pilot Who Killed In Big Bear Airplane Crash

The three people on board the small plane that crashed on Monday in Big Bear have been identified as Stormie Seibold of Temecula, Jimmy Fitzpatrick of Perris, and Robert Carty of Lake Havasu. 

The single-engine Beechcraft A36 is believed to have been headed for Big Bear Airport when it crashed in a small field approximately a mile east of that airport. As per the reports, nobody was injured on the ground. 

The 60-year-old Stormie Seibold was identified as the pilot and owner of the single-engine aircraft. He was traveling with his two friends. Unfortunately, the three died in the crash. 

Who Was Stormie Seibold? What Happened To Him?

Stormie Seibold is a 60-year-old Temecula native, who has been identified as the pilot of the single-engine plane that crashed on Monday close to the Big Bear airport. Seibold was also revealed to be the owner of the aircraft. 

Who Was Stormie Seibold

The pilot’s family remembers him as a devoted husband and father with a taste for adventure. His wife, Kay Seibold said that Stormie Seibold tells her every day that she is everything to him and he doesn’t want to live a day without her.

They even wanted to die together, so that they don’t have to live a day without each other. 

Kay Seibold claimed that Stormie and a companion took off in their single-engine Beechcraft A36 from French Valley Airport. After that, they fled to Corona Municipal Airport to pick up a friend so they could fly to Big Bear Aiport to check out an airplane for sale. 

Unfortunately, the airplane crashed not far from the Big Bear Airport, killing all three of its crew, including Stormie Seibold, Robert Carty, and Jimmy Fitzpatrick. 

According to Kay, Stormie would actually fly alone on windy days and in severe weather merely to practice and learn how to land when the wind was blowing in a particular direction. He constantly aimed to excel at everything he did. 

Stormie’s wife thanked him for all the wonderful things he had given to the family and for giving her 35 years to be together. 

Family members are focusing on all the beautiful times they shared with a man who loved adventure but most importantly loved his wife and family as federal officials try to determine what caused the crash. 

The process for the investigation to find the cause behind the crash might take weeks or months. 

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What Is The Cause Of The Airplane Crash: Ongoing Investigation

An investigation is currently ongoing regarding the Big Bear private plane crash that took the lives of three. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the first findings of an inquiry on Tuesday, but there are still many questions about the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the FAA are conducting the investigation. 

Approximately a mile east of the Big Bear Airport, the single-engine Beechcraft A36 Bonanza crashed around two o’clock after departing from the Corona Airport about one and half hours before. 

According to Big Bear Fire Department Battalion Chief Luke Wagner, there were no damages and no fires considering the number of houses and people living in the area. 

The NTSB examined the crash site, air traffic control communications, radar data, and meteorological reports to determine the accident’s cause. It is also supposed to conduct interviews with the witnesses. 

Ryan Goss, the general manager of Big Bear Airport, said that the airport received no distress signaling to Goss, they didn’t receive or hear any distress signals before the plane crash. 

The authorities of the FAA and NTSB are looking into the incident to discover the unknown reason behind the crash that killed three passengers. 

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