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Mauricio Garcia Death: Texas Mall Shooter Shot, And Killed By Police Officer



Mauricio Garcia Death Texas Mall Shooter Shot, And Killed By Police Officer

On Saturday, an individual shooter in Allen, Texas, Mauricio Garcia, opened fire at a mall, killing eight people, injuring seven more, and killing himself after being shot by police.

When Mauricia attacked eight individuals at the mall in broad daylight, people thought he was acting. Later, he violently started shooting at many individuals. 

According to several sources, the Right Wing Death Squad (RWDS) patch was discovered on the deceased Texas Gunman’s chest after he was killed.

While the reason for the murder is still unknown, detectives believe the 33-year-old was a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

A deeper investigation into Mauricio Garcia’s social media profiles indicated his strong interest in white nationalist ideologies.

The Investigations regarding this are ongoing, and the authorities are supposed to interview the family of Garcia to learn more about his political views. 

Here’s everything we know about the Texas Mall shooter, Mauricio Garcia, and his death. 

Mauricio Garcia Death: Who Was He?

According to several sources, Mauricio Garcia supposedly resided in a hotel in the Dallas region at the time of the incident. 

Mauricio Garcia Death

The shooter lived with his parents up until a few months ago in East Dallas, east of White Rock Lake, according to his parents’ neighbors.

They said that on Saturday night, the parents’ house was surrounded by police authorities, including the FBI, who stayed until early on Sunday morning. 

Those who know Mauricio Garcia described him as an introvert who avoided problems and kept to himself. They said that they never felt him as a threat. 

Garcia’s parents resided in a tidy, tree-lined neighborhood where his neighbors claimed they never knew his name but recognized him by the clothes he frequently wore, which they characterized as being a uniform for security guards or law enforcement officials. 

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Neighbors Commented On Mauricio Garcia Death

The officials collected most of the personal information regarding Mauricio Garcia from his neighbors. 

A neighbor said that Garcia was one of the four children of a couple who had resided in the area for more than ten years. They claimed that the family was with very decent folks.

Recently, they supposedly moved out of the house, and they claimed to have only seen him once since that time.

Garcia was discharged from the US Army in 2008 as a result of mental health problems. He held a private security license valid from 2016 until 2020. Garcia reportedly underwent weapons training as part of his job. 

He worked as a security guard for three private companies before his license expired. According to the police, Garcia has no criminal record. 

According to officials, Mauricio Garcia had several firearms on him as well as in his adjacent car. President Biden stated on Sunday that the attacker was dressed in combat gear and used a weapon similar to the AR-15.

Investigators discovered five other firearms inside his car in addition to the weapons discovered on his body. 

Political Views Of The Shooter

A patch on Mauricio Garcia’s chest at the time of the shooting said “RWDS,” an abbreviation for the Right Wing Death Squad. Police have not commented on any potential motives for the shooting.

They said that neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and right-wing extremists frequently used the word. 

According to officials, a preliminary check of the shooter’s past revealed no criminal history. Many people are speculating on social media that a tattoo on the shooter’s right hand may be specific to the inquiry.

The tattoo seems to represent the City of Dallas’ emblem and its meaning has not been confirmed yet. 

Since Mauricio Garcia is dead, Investigators are primarily focused on determining if anyone was aware of the plan Gracia had or assisted him.

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