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Texas Mall Shooting: Who Was Christian LaCour Sister Brianna Smith?



Texas Mall Shooting Who Was Christian LaCour Sister Brianna Smith

Two persons killed by gunfire at a Texas mall on Saturday were identified as a 20-year-old security guard and an engineer who immigrated to the US from India. 

The victims were identified after a little more than 24 hours since the tragedy at the Allen Premium Outlet in the Texas Mall happened. 

One of the gunfire victims was identified as 20-year Christian LaCour. His family claims that he served as a mall security guard. 

On Saturday, LaCour’s grandmother wrote online that they had found his sister but were unable to find him.

The family states that they are still trying to deal with his demise and that telling people about it is breaking their hearts. 

Who Is Christian LaCour?

Christian LaCour is a Farmersville resident, who was killed in the Allen Premium Outlets shooting on May 6, 2023.

Sandra Montgomery, LaCour’s grandmother, confirmed that her beautiful grandson was among the fatalities and expressed her grief at the terrible loss.

Who Is Christian LaCour

The young man’s family was scared when they heard of the massacre but were unable to contact him. The death of LaCour is a tragic loss to the family members. 

On Facebook, Montgomery stated that Christian LaCour was the security guard who died in the shooting at Texas Mall. He had aspirations and dreams for the future at the age of 20 and was such a lonely soul. 

A family relative of Christian LaCour, Kellie Smith,  called him a sweet young boy who grew up to be a lovely gentleman.

.Kellie also stated that his terrible death has saddened the whole family. 

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Christian Lacour Sister: Who Is She?

Christian LaCour had a sister named Brianna Smith. Brianna and LaCour were at the mall when the shooting occurred. 

The family of these siblings was able to speak with Brianna Smith but was unable to do so with Christian LaCour.

It appears that Brianna was nearby on Saturday afternoon when the horrible incident took place. 

La Cour’s untimely demise has devastated and left his family incomprehensible. They still haven’t accepted the death. 

The Texas Mall Shooting: Everything to Know

On May 6, 2023, eight persons were shot and killed, including LaCour. Authorities claimed that a police officer who was in the all for a different case shot the shooter.

He died on the same day after being shot by a police officer. The Texas Department of Public Safety has identified the suspect as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, a resident of Dallas.

The identified victim, Christian LaCour, was a Farmersville resident. He was working with Mauricio Garcia, the suspected shooter, at the Allen Premium Outlets in the Texas Mall.

Garcia, who had taken the lives of eight, started firing in the parking lot. The mall is situated approximately 25 minutes north of Dallas in Allen.

A shocking video from the mall’s parking lot shows a man exiting in a grey car while wearing tactical gear and arming himself with an AR-15-style weapon. 

Six of the victims who died outside the mall were found dead immediately at the scene.

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd stated that there were nine additional victims who were hospitalized, and two of them eventually passed away from their injuries. 

After Garcia was discovered with a patch on his chest that appeared to have white supremacist or neo-Nazi leanings, authorities started looking into whether he had extreme ideas that may have contributed to the horrific shooting. 

According to reports, RWDS, which stands for ‘Right Wing Death Squad’ was written on the patch.

The officials stated that the federal authorities are looking into social media profiles they believe Garcia used and that displayed a desire for white nationalist and neo-Nazi viewpoints.  

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