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Who Was Mauricio Garcia? All About The Texas Mall Shooting Gunman



Who Was Mauricio Garcia All About The Texas Mall Shooting Gunman

Mauricio Garcia, who is suspected of opening fire outside of a shopping mall in Allen, Texas, killing at least eight people and wounding at least seven more, may have held white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs, according to people familiar with the investigation who spoke to the media on Sunday.

In this post, you will learn more about Mauricio Garcia and the unfortunate circumstances that were connected to him. Keep scrolling down for further information.

Who Was Mauricio Garcia?

Hours after the shooting, on Saturday night, authorities revealed that the suspect, 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, was shot and killed by a police officer who had responded to an unrelated call at Allen Premium Outlets in the Dallas suburb.

According to the available sources, Mauricio Garcia has been a resident of this area and has been registered to vote in Texas since 2008. According to the people who lived nearby his parent’s house, both when he was going out and when he was coming home, he frequently donned a uniform similar to that of a security guard.

Mauricio Garcia

According to persons who are acquainted with the investigation into the killing, Mauricio Garcia was living in a motel in the Dallas area at the time of the incident.

According to the neighbors of the shooter’s parents, the suspect used to reside with his parents in East Dallas, which is located east of White Rock Lake, up until a few months ago.

They claimed that members of the law enforcement community, including the FBI, descended upon the residence of the parents on Saturday evening, shutting down a portion of the street and remaining there until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Several of the suspect‘s neighbors said that the shooter was the type of person who didn’t talk to anyone and didn’t appear to get into any problems.

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What Was The Motive Behind The Shooting?

CNN cited a senior law enforcement source who is acquainted with the investigation as saying that while authorities have not yet determined a precise reason for the shooting, they have found evidence that the shooter had a substantial social media presence, including a suspected nexus to right-wing extremism.

Insignia reading “RWDS,” which authorities believe may represent “Right Wing Death Squad,” was reportedly found on the suspect’s clothing after he was found dead. The authorities are confident they know what motivated the act, but they haven’t pinpointed it yet.

A group that investigates and writes about extremism, is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The organization found that in recent years, some members of extremist groups have been seen publicly wearing patches with the letters “RWDS.”

According to the Texas Online Private Security database, which the Texas Department of Public Safety manages, Mauricio Garcia received training in gun proficiency for his profession as a commissioned security officer. This training was necessary for Garcia’s position.

According to the database, Mauricio Garcia was given permission to work as a security guard in Texas beginning in April 2016 and continuing until April 2020, when his license was due to expire.

It appears from his profile that he has worked for at least three different security firms. Requests for comments were not immediately met with a response from any of these companies.

Texas Mall Shooting: The Brutal Attack

Eight people were killed and at least seven others were injured as a result of the massacre that took place on Saturday in the wealthy suburb of Allen, which is located approximately 25 miles north of Dallas.

According to the source, Mauricio Garcia had at least one more weapon on him when he was fatally shot in front of the mall. This weapon was in addition to the firearm in the style of an AR-15 that was found near him. Additionally, the police discovered many weapons in his vehicle.

CNN has access to a photograph that purports to show the gunman lying on the ground after having been shot, with a firearm resembling an AR-15 lying close by. He wears a black bodysuit and what looks to be numerous additional mags are strapped to his chest gear. His outfit is black.

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