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Who Was Frankie Jules Hough? Pregnant Mother Died In A Car Crash



Who Was Frankie Jules Hough Pregnant Mother Died In A Car Crash

Frankie Jules Hough was critically injured after a car accident and passed away. 

Frankie, a 38-year-old mother of two who was pregnant, was killed in a recent car accident. Her son 2-year-old Rocky, 9-year-old Tommy, and nephew 4-year-old Tobias Spencer was injured severely.

The mother of two was critically hospitalized on Saturday evening after the car crash. She was in critical condition and passed away on Monday after battling the injuries for the past two days. 

The accident left Frankie’s two young kids and nephew severely injured. In intensive care, Tommy and Tobias continue to be in induced comas. They were all taken to the hospital in an air ambulance due to their critical condition. 

Who Was Frankie Jules Hough? 

Frankie Jules Hough was a 38-year-old mother of two who recently lost her life in a horror car accident leaving behind her two kids. 

Who Was Frankie Jules Hough 

Following the car rash on the M66 near Manchester on Saturday afternoon, Frankie Jules Hough passed away in a hospital on  Monday. 

Along with her 4-year-old nephew Tobias Wely, Frankie’s children Tommy and Rocky also suffered critical injuries

She was 18 months pregnant when death took her life away. Frankie, the mother of two boys, was expecting a daughter this time. 

The children were critically injured and remain in an induced coma since Saturday. Due to the highly critical condition of the victims in the car crash, they were taken to the hospital in an air ambulance. 

A 22-year-old young man named Adil Iqbal of Accrington was detained by the police at the scene and has subsequently been charged with three charges of causing serious harm by reckless driving. 

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Frankie Jules Hough Death: What Actually Happened?

On Saturday at around 3:10 p.m. on the M66 in Bury, Great Manchester, Frankie Jules Hough, her son Tommy and Rocky along with her nephew Tobias Spencer, met with an accident and suffered severe injuries. 

Adil Iqbal of Accrington, Lancashire was arrested at the scene and accused with three counts of causing serious harm by reckless driving. He was apparently driving a BMW.

Lawyers for Iqbal revealed Ms. Jules Hough had passed away when he appeared before Manchester Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Iqbal, who works at a boxing club, has now been charged with killing Frankie by driving recklessly and with two further charges of seriously injuring two boys. 

The Aftermath Of The Tragic Accident

During the brief court proceeding, prosecutor Robin Lynch provided facts of the incident, stating that Frankie Jules Hough was driving the car with the three children inside and now, the driver is deceased. 

Iqbal, who was dressed in a grey tracksuit, looked across to his father, uncle, and younger brother who was seated in the court’s public gallery, and spoke only to confirm his name and residence. 

He was remanded in custody to appear at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester on June 19 after District Judge James Hatton denied a request for bail. 

The district judge said that the incident and untimely death of Frankie Jules Hough is highly devastating for the family and how the world of a family suddenly turned upside down. 

When the news regarding Frankie’s death came out, several people expressed their respect and condolences to the mother.

Frankie’s friend paid tribute to her on Facebook. They claimed that the death of Frankie was unbelievable and added that life can be horrible sometimes. Some of them expressed their concerns and grief over the tragic loss.

The family and friends of Frankie Jues-Hough have been filled with so many ifs and buts. The realm of life may not be meant for Frankie Jules Hough and her unborn angel, someone said. 

A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding for the family, which raised more than $24,000

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