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Who Is Elizabeth Holmes Husband Billy Evans? Everything You Need To Know



Who Is Elizabeth Holmes Husband Billy Evans Everything You Need To Know

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder, and CEO of the now-defunct health tech company Thersnod, is getting ready to spend more than 11 years in jail after pleading guilty to four counts of fraud and misleading investors. 

She will be leaving behind her husband and two young children. The 30-year-old hotel heir, William Billy Evans, is married to the former CEO. 

While several media sources wrote about the rise and fall of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes, her husband Billy Evans has received much less attention.

This article discusses everything you need about Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband Billy Evans.

Who Is Elizabeth Holmes Husband Billy Evans?

Elizabeth Holmes’ husband Billy Evans is a 30-year-old heir to a wealthy hotel group. 

Billy Evans, the inheritor of the California-based Evans Hotel Group hotel business, was reportedly brought up in San Diego. He was one of three children born to William L. Evans and Susan Evans. 

Elizabeth Holmes Husband Billy Evans

He was a graduate in economics, which he earned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015. 

Evan worked at several financial and consulting firms in California over the summers while he wasn’t in school. While attending MIT, he worked for Red Bull as a student brand manager. 

The Evans family has been settled in the San Diego region for many years. Evans Hotels was established in 1953 by Billy Evan’s grandparents, Anne and William D. Evans. 

Evan first worked at LuminarTechnologies and later at LinkedIn. Besides all these, he was doing a lot of other different stuff like investing and starting new businesses. 

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Billy Evans And Elizabeth Holmes Marriage?

As of 2023, Billy Evan and Elizabeth Holmes have been married for three years. Some sources claim that the couple had a secret wedding in 2019. 

The news regarding their marriage came out a few months after Holmes was spotted in San Francisco. People who were unaware of the marriage claimed that Holmes was married, and later it was revealed that her fiancee was Billy Evans. 

When Did They Meet?

Evans and Holmes first met in 2017 at a party and immediately fell in love. Then in August, the pair was spotted at Burning Man just a few days before the closing of Holmes company, Theranos. 

Evan proposed to Holmes in 2018 with his MITsignet ring, which he wears all the time, and the couple secretly had their marriage in 2019. 

They had to face several objections from the family and relatives of Billy Evans. They weren’t approved of Evan marrying Holmes. 

His family told him that his decision to marry Holmes would be the biggest mistake he has done and they claimed that he might regret it later. 

But they were in love and couldn’t do anything. After three years of marriage and six years of being together, the special bond between Evan and Holmes is growing every day. 

Elizabeth Holmes is now in a situation where she feels down and depressed. Evan is the support system she has now in this difficult situation. 

Elizabeth Holmes And Billy Evan Children?

Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans are the parents of two, a son and a daughter. 

In July 2021, Holmes gave birth to their first child. She was found guilty of conspiracy to conduct and wire fraud just a few months later. 

Weeks before her sentencing hearing in October 2022, it was revealed that she was expecting her second child. 

When Holmes returned to court for her sentencing in November 2022, she seemed to be pregnant.

Those who have closely followed the case think that a lighter sentence might result from the fact that she is pregnant. Prior to her trial and after her conviction Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans welcomed their second child.

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