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Who Was Kristin Smith? The Missing Gresham Woman Found Dead In Forested Area



Who Was Kristin Smith The Missing Gresham Woman Found Dead In Forested Area

Kristin Smith’s body was discovered two months later it was reported missing in December of last year in a forested region in Southeast Portland’s Pleasant Valley. 

According to a written statement released by Portland Police on Thursday, Investigators collected evidence from the location during the months following her missing. 

Her family was informed of the update after the remains were positively identified as Kristin Smith’s.

Who Was Kristin Smith?

Kristin Smith, a 22-year-old Gresham woman went missing on December 20, 2022. According to investigators, her remains were discovered nearly two months later, on February 19, 2023, in a forested area close to Southeast Deardorff Road and Southeast Flavel Street in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood. 

Who Was Kristin Smith

After the police found Kriatin’s body, it was identified and confirmed. Thus, the police informed the Gresham woman’s family. 

In a statement, police said that many searches were conducted after discovering Smith’s death in an effort to locate any information that would be useful to inquiry.

Multnomah County Search and Rescue and Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office provided assistance that made the searches possible. 

The case is still under investigation. Her death is being handled as an accidental death by the police, who have not indicated that it was suspicious in any way. 

The Medical Examiner’s Office and the Portland Police Bureau are collaborating closely to advance the investigation. 

Police stated that the investigation is ongoing and that they do not have any intentions to disclose any information until the cause of the death is discovered. 

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Kristin Smith Missing Mystery

In November, Kristin Smith was last spotted near Mall 205 in Southeast Portland, though she also visited other parts of the city. 

Kristin’s sister Melisa Smith was the last person she communicated with before she went missing. 

The family of Kristin posted Flyers and searched for her in several homeless shelters near Downtown Portland, the Gateway Transit Center, and South East 82nd Avenue in the hopes that someone might see her. 

Her family claimed that Kristin never went out for a long time without getting in touch with them, thus this long gap in communication was unusual for the missing woman.

The main reason why her family was worried about her is that they believe she has a past of being in an abusive relationship. This concern implies that they are worried for her safety because of this ex-boyfriend. 

Kristin Smith, the Gresham woman in Washington went missing on November 19, last year. 

The mother of Kristin conducted searches, listened to podcasts, and visited national missing persons’ Facebook pages throughout the process of looking for Kristin. 

An unidentified person in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood on February 19, 2023, found human skeletal remains in a wooded location adjacent to Southeast Deardorff Road and Flavel Street. 

The Portland Police Department searched the area in an effort to find more evidence, with the aid of the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office.  

Kristin Smith Death: What Family Has To Say?

After Kristin’s death, her mother arranged a GoFundMe campaign. The fundraising was aimed to assist the family members with funeral costs. 

Kristin’s family is in deep sorrow since they lost a family member. They said that Kristin Smith will always be remembered and they will not forget the contagious smile of the blonde woman. 

When she went missing, the family lived with hope, expecting Kristin’s return. But unfortunately, the family had a great loss. 

In addition to grieving the unexpected loss, the loved ones gathered at her family’s house to share priceless memories. The whole family of Kristin Smith, calls her an inspiring spirit. 

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