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Who Is Walmart Melania? Casey DeSantis Compared To Melania Trump And Earned A Nickname



Who Is Walmart Melania Casey DeSantis Compared To Melania Trump And Earned A Nickname

Casey DeSantis, the wife of Governor Ron DeSantis, has once again been compared to former first lady Melania Trump in the media. 

She earned the nickname “Walmart Melania” as a result of her appearance spotted recently. She wore a leather jacket with the words “Where woke goes to die” over an alligator and a map of Florida while standing under the scorching sun of Iowa. 

Who Gave The Nickname Walmart Melania To Casey DeSantis?

Daily Beast’s Katie Baker was the one who mentioned Casey DeSantis as Walmart Melania on Sunday.

Calling her by that nickname Baker tried to criticize her for wearing the leather jacket at a bike rally campaign in Iowa

Walmart Melania-Casey DeSantis

When the Florida first lady appeared at a campaign rally on Saturday, she paved the way to be compared with Melania Trump for wearing the jacket that wrote: “ Where woke goes to die.” The critical principle of Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign is attacking the woke culture.

On Monday, the Daily Beast editor-in-chief Katie Baker wrote about the event and Casey DeSantis. She noted that Casey DeSantis is the Walmart Melania.

Casey’s picture wearing the particular jacket and standing next to Ron DeSantis has already taken the internet by storm. After Baker’s criticism, people began to criticize and compare her with Melania Trump. 

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Casey DeSantis – Melania Trump Comparison

Baker compared Casey’s jacket to one that former first lady Melania Trump wore when visiting a migrant center in Texas and which read, “I really don’t care.”

Baker said that Casey wore an ugly black jacket with an American flag on the front, an alligator, and a figure on the back, with the words “Where Woke Goes to Die.”

She continued by saying that she could easily imagine the $24.99 leather jacket sitting on the racks of Red State’s big-bin store.

She continued by telling that Casey’s jacket is as crude and grasping as her husband Ron DeSantis’ campaign.

According to Baker, DeSantis wants to offend Trump’s supporters by being further clearer about his intended targets. 

Florida under DeSantis is where the woke go to die, claimed Baker. In addition, it’s the place where a lot of other people die too.

Woke is a term that Trump recently said that he doesn’t like and that’s the reason why DeSantis frequently uses the term in various conversations. It might be the reason behind writing such a context on Casey’s jacket. 

The people who are hearing the term “woke” are struggling to define it and most of them are unsure of what it is. 

She also tried to refer to the DeSantis administration, where many people died due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Florida had a very high rate of death during the pandemic compared to other states in the US.

Baker claims that during the pandemic, DeSantis ignored the restrictions and precautions and praised his state Florida as a place of freedom. 

Reactions On The Nickname

Baker claimed that neither Casey DeSantis nor Melania Trump would ever personify the class and elegance of Jill Biden or Michelle Obama, the former First Ladies. 

Several people came up supporting Baker’s views and criticizing Casey and DeSantis. Messages supporting the governor’s wife, who is a prominent figure by his side throughout his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, filled social media from DeSantis fans and followers. 

The names Walmart Melania and Casey DeSantis were trending on Twitter in the US on Monday. 

Erik Erickson, a conservative commentator, slammed the Daily Beast op-ed on Twitter, saying that the superficiality of the article by Keith Baker is remarkable and is a reminder of all that is awful about sexism in the press.

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