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Who Was Malik Gant? His Age, Career, Net Worth, Cause Of Death, And Family



Who Was Malik Gant His Age, Career, Net Worth, Cause Of Death, And Family

Malik Gant, a former player for the New England Patriots, tragically passed away unexpectedly at the age of 25, exactly four days before his 26th birthday.

The untimely death of the former NFL player who played as a defensive back for the New England Patriots has shaken the football world. 

People are curious to know about the versatile and fearless young star sportsman who had an untimely death.

Let’s explore the bio, age, net worth, career, relationship, family, and death causes of Malik Gant. 

Malik Gant: Cause Of Death

According to the Gant family, their son, Malik Gant, who was a popular football player, personal trainer, and athlete died on May 25, 2023.

Malik Gant

As per the reports, Malik Gant’s cause of death is not yet disclosed. Many are wondering how the young man who was just 25 died so unexpectedly. The cause of death might be released later after all the required investigations and inquiries. 

The sudden death of Gant has shocked the football world and his fans. He will be remembered for his determination and courage during hardships as well as for his dream of playing in the NFL.

The loss of a talented young athlete has made the family, friends, and teammates fall in deep sorrow. 

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Malik Gant: Bio

Malik Gant was an NFL player who played the defensive back for the New England Patriots. Gant was known in the football world since he joined Marshall University in 2015.

He was a great collegiate player who excelled in most of the games. His incredible talent and passion for football paved the way for him to enter the NFL career. 

The talented Gant primarily played defensive back in football. Gant joined the New England Patriots in May 2019 and played defensive back while wearing shirt number 42.

He was performing admirably and was at the height of his career. He was well-liked and was able to win over a lot of admires. 


Born on May 29, 1997, Malik Gant was going to be 26 this year. The family of Gant is deeply saddened because he died when his 26th birthday right away. 


Malik Gant had a successful collegiate football career despite having his NFL aspirations dashed.

In his first season for collegiate teams in 2016, he displayed his talents in 12 games while recording six tackles. 

In 2019, Malik Gant signed with the New England Patriots as an undrafted free agent to play in the NFL.

He was unfortunately sidelined by injuries, and a month before the start of the regular season, he was put on the injury reserve.

As a result of the Patriots bringing Gant back in the 2020 offseason, he received another chance the following year.

In August and October 2020, Gant tried again to join the team but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, he was never given the opportunity to play for the New England Patriots in a regular season or postseason game. 

Family And Relationship

The information regarding Malik Gant’s parents or siblings is not available at the moment. Even though Gant was a rising athlete, he kept his family and personal life away from the spotlight.

Gant was supposedly single at the time of his death, and the past relationships of this former NFL player are also unknown. 

Malik Gant: Net Worth

According to several sources, Malik Gant supposedly had an estimated net worth of around $500,000 at the time of his death.

Even if he was a beginner in the NFL, he managed to accumulate a considerable amount of wealth within the short period since he began his football career. 

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