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World AIDS Day: Biden Administration Reveals New Worldwide HIV/AIDS Strategy



World AIDS Day Biden Administration Reveals New Worldwide HIVAIDS Strategy

Biden administration released a new global strategy to eliminate HIV/AIDS within the coming eight years. In order to receive a global response from the US citizens, their plan is to release a new five-year strategy.

As a part of the global goal, they also focus on, UNAIDS targets for reducing new infections and reaching targets for all age, gender, and population groups. This also includes improving equality for adolescent girls, young women, and children.

“Our work is not done. HIV cure remains a complex unattainable issue to global health security and economic development. Our progress can be easily derailed if we lose our focus or conviction, or fail to address the inequalities, many fueled by stigma and discrimination and punitive laws, that stand in our way.” The U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote in the new strategy.

On World AIDS Day, Biden Unveils Worldwide Strategy To Cure HIV/AIDS By 2030

Today, it’s our risk that millions of new cases and millions of people died. He called upon governments everywhere to stand together to make the “Equalize” slogan a reality. It was really a substantial move towards the enrichment of human health.

World AIDS Day Biden Administration Reveals New Worldwide HIVAIDS Strategy

He also said, that the proven solutions that exist can help to end the deadly disease called AIDS but more boosting is needed in the sector of availability, quality, and suitability of services for HIV treatment.

Also, he mentioned improved law action, policies, and ideas that help to decode the worry of people living with HIV, especially in huge populations will be a great help. Everyone is in need of respect, and care and to be most welcomed.

President Biden made a new restoration for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, raising 15.7 billion dollars. Those resources will be used for the world to get back on track towards ending HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria by 2030 and constructing strong health systems across the world.

At the start of this week, the HIV activist and United board member, Maureen Murenga, shared a powerful strategy to encourage urgency in the fight against the illness. Also, the most recent UNAIDS report states that the world’s AIDS response is in danger, especially with the rise of new infections, and also the death rate due to the same illness is increasing year by year. The respected personality Maureen Murenga also told that teenage girls and young women are still affected by HIV in a disproportionate way.

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The President of the US has declared an urgent Plan for AIDS Relief, which is called PEPFAR, and it carried out antiretroviral treatment for more than 19.9 million citizens that include all age groups till this September. That is an incredible increase from 18.9 million in the 2021 financial year. According to their latest results, it’s about 64.7 million people were able to encounter HIV testing services supported by the program and more than 5.4 million babies were obstructed from being born with the deadly virus.

These PEPFAR platforms are helping countries and communities to protect and control the number of HIV/AIDS while building more secure health systems and supporting the global COVID-19 responses to come down. They also supported more than 70,000 facilities and community health clinics, which include 3000 laboratories, enhanced disease surveillance, supply chain, health and laboratory information systems, built community capabilities, and applied routine and rapid analysis of data for decision making.

Despite the goal setting, to end HIV/AIDS, we should keep in mind that there is still no vaccine or cure, although we have made the diagnosis more manageable. It’s the responsibility of all citizens in general to take the necessary precautions and actions to eliminate this life hazard threat from our community.

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