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Biden’s Bipartisan Kentucky Visit To Encourage Infrastructure Spending



Biden's Bipartisan Kentucky Visit To Encourage Infrastructure Spending

In the modern era of the divided government, United States president Joe Biden will join top republican officials, including Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnel along with Ohio Republican Governer Mike DeWine and other two democrats, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio in Wednesday’s event in Kentucky.

The event includes a plan to tout the infrastructure investment package signed by Biden in 2021. The event highlights the $1.6 billion funding to renovate the Brent Spence Bridge. This project helps to connect the two states across the Ohio river.

This groundbreaking project will help to ease the nightmare caused by the high traffic throughout the years and it will also prevent the disruption of the movement of the supply chain.

This Project Prevent The Supply Chain’s Movement From Being Disrupted

The project is most likely to initiate its establishment in late 2023 and is expected to be completed by 2029. The project includes another companion bridge next to the 60-year-old bridge with other corridor improvements.

Biden's Bipartisan Kentucky Visit To Encourage Infrastructure Spending

The grant awarded by the United States Department Of Transportation to modify the decade-old bridge is $1.6 billion. For smooth transactions, both states need to finance in the coming years and work together to bring success.

As per the officials, the estimated cost of the entire project is estimated to be worth around $3.6 billion and the initial injecting of $1.66 billion of funds is directed through the bipartisan infrastructure law for the installation of the new bridge.

In a press release, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine stated that the renovation of the decade-long project will ease the headache of the frequent drivers who access the route daily, additionally, it would also ensure goods to transport efficiently without breaking the supply chain.

He added that the discussion to renovate the Brent Spence Bridge corridor project has been going around for more than two decades and ensured that it is finally time to move on to the next part where it requires work to go into action beyond the talks. 

The Kentucky senator, Miitch Mcconnel has also released his statement citing that the rising traffic on the route has been a headache for the drivers, and now as the public servants and the concerned officials, they have taken the bold step in fixing the bridge which has been in talks for decades. 

According to the interview statements by the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear the state has gathered around $250 million, which is budgeted together for the work required to be done.

Initially, he was waiting for the call from the federals to approve the funds for the project as well the drivers would enjoy a more efficient driving route after the renovation which will result in a boom in the economy of the state too.

This project aims to smoothen the trouble-making traffic connecting Kentucky and Ohio. the installment of an additional companion bridge would become an express path for the traffic to route the downtown Cincinnati and Covington corridor. 

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Another additional $250 million is granted from Multimodal projects Discretionary grant which is directed to fund large projects that have a significant economic impact on the country.

The mayor of Cincinnati was excited while tweeting the news of the $1.6 billion federal funding to the Brent Spence project, the renovation of the 8-mile span bridge connecting Ohio and Kentucky.

The bridge currently carries twice the traffic it was designed to carry when built in the 1960s. The state-connecting bridge is considered to be functionally obsolete and in need of replacement ever since 1998 after the federal highway declared it does not meet the traffic demands.

The decade-long dream and efforts of both state workers are now officially taking shape. It won’t be long enough for the drivers to efficiently run their vehicles on the highway.

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