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"Sex and the City" bang on a small budget: How to get the look in SD

Ladies and my favorite gentlemen, if you aren’t aware of the “Sex and the City” sequel that is about to charm America at the end of May, you must be living under a seriously large rock.

Personally, this event marks yet another major moment in my style life. I absolutely cannot wait to see what Patricia Field, resident stylist for the HBO series and its big screen counterparts, has in store this time around. Thankfully, US Weekly, et al., have snooped around the set enough to get us a sneak peak at what to expect – as has the super sassy trailer that’s been running non-stop on all the best cable channels.

Field is a rule breaker, and it’s no surprise that she has created a whole new look for the fab four. While she has kept the ladies’ traditional style roles intact, a bohemian theme a la location set in Abu Dhabi marked the standard of the second film. And don’t think a flashback scene to the 80s was not styled to hilarious perfection with all the good, bad, and ugly of that dreadful decade (sorry all you GNR fans!).

Though not all of the Arabian-inspired trends have hit San Diego yet, you can get ahead of the curve at Nordstrom and other departments stores that carry more bohemian lines like Haute Hippie.

As for the girls’ personal styles…

Carrie keeps chic with her super-toned legs – which should never be kept under wraps for long – in full view multiple times throughout the film. She’s featured in brands like Chanel (of course), Halston Heritage (a new, more cost-conscious spin of the classic couture), and the shoes that made Mr. Manolo Blanhik a household name.

Miranda keeps her lawyer life on point while complementing her notorious red hair and fair complexion. We see her in a lot of warm tones spiced up with super tall YSL pumps. Miranda has never been more of a major MILF than in this film. Her style is New York power woman at her finest; take serious notes all those overachievers out there.  Her structured dresses can be duplicated at most department stores that carry chic business lines.  Nordstrom and Bloomingdales in particular have a lot of great Miranda options!

Samantha never fails us with her banging body and 40-something (or not) unabashed funk (or was that funky spunk?). She takes the body-con (short for “body conscious”) look to the max, leaving little to the imagination, as usual.  Luckily, this look is in fashion right now and some of the best body-con dresses (for the outgoing girl) can be found at BCBG.

Charlotte, our token good girl, never fails with her prim and proper Christian Dior matching suits and bags. She takes the current color-blocking trend (which can be found just about everywhere from H&M to Macy’s) seriously with daughter Lily following suit.

In the film, the ladies flawlessly portray their own unique style that diehard fans have come to know and love, while bringing new twists and trends forward. Most of the clothes, shoes and bags seen in the flick are out of the typical fab female income. But fret not; you can be looking just like your favorite Sex and the City lady in just a quick click of the mouse.

Listen up, as this is one of my special secrets – check out RenttheRunway.com, a shopping network that lets you “borrow” high fashion pieces and return them in the mail.  Let’s just say you can be Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte all in one week for under $1,000.

Make sure to reserve your look ASAP – the premiere is just days away. You know I have my Carrie look hanging perfectly in the closet, just waiting to debut.

Amy Grace Winn is a twenty-something San Diego, LA and Las Vegas-based personal stylist and fashion maven. Her services include editorial styling, fashion show and photo shoot production, personal styling and shopping, wardrobe renovations and more. For more about Amy Grace Winn and Grace Styling, follow her on Twitter, @GraceStyling or visit www.GraceStyling.com.

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