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Lesbian author Catherine Kirkwood to visit The Center on Sept. 25

SAN DIEGO – Catherine Kirkwood, a lesbian author from Seattle, will read from her debut novel, “Cut Away,” next month at The Center.

Kirkwood will appear at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 25, in the library at The Center, 3909 Centre St.

“Cut Away” entwines the lives of three characters struggling to understand the meaning of identity and its seeming mutability. Orbiting around the mystery of a missing teenager, a trio of narrators each tells her story in turn.

Alexandra is a transgender woman who has refused surgery and abandoned Los Angeles for a trailer at the desolate Salton Sea. Asa, the mother of the runaway, wants her grief-ridden face completely transformed. Eleanor, a plastic surgeon, is fascinated with surfaces and wonders whether visual harmony has the power to change what lies beneath.

In a culture obsessed with transforming the body, do the incarnate fictions we create have the power to hide or reveal the truth of who we really are? This is a question that Kirkwood approaches in a stunning debut novel of desire, self-loathing, and the revisionary madness of our modern world.

Kirkwood will read passages from her novel, answer audience questions and sign books. Coffee and bagels will be available. This event is free and open to all.

For more information, contact Women’s Resource Center Coordinator Abby Schwartz at (619) 692-2077, Ext. 212, or e-mail women@thecentersd.org.