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Hitting the town with Benny: Deadlines and Dragons

This morning I started my day feeling a great deal of stress. Driving to work, I could only think about the myriad assignments, deadlines, and personal obligations to attend to over the next couple of days.

College professors are notorious for making major assignments due right around Halloween. It is sort of a pivotal time in the semester, since Halloween falls smack dab in the middle.

I have a project due this Monday which will make this weekend even more stressful.

When I was an undergraduate at SDSU, I was in a Wednesday evening class that ran from 7-10 p.m. That particular year, Halloween fell on hump day and the teacher scheduled a major mid-term for that very evening.

Despite the cries of the gaggle of sorority girls who felt that the class was encroaching on this oh-so sacred evening of dressing up like French maids, sexy nurses, and playboy bunnies, the teacher would not budge.

With the whirlwind of activity that has surrounded my life in the last few weeks, it has been difficult getting into the mood of Halloween or autumn. Ricky and I did head out to Julian last Sunday to get apple cider and pie which was a nice escape, but other than that, it has felt like any other month.

But in the car this morning, I did something different. I normally listen to NPR on the way in to work, but my radio was tuned to channel 93.3 from the evening before.

The hosts were doing this segment called “What are you doing at the courthouse?”, in which they interview people at the county courthouse to find out why they are there. This little bit of humor kept me away from NPR for a morning and when the segment ended, I decided I wanted to hear some music.

I tuned to Sophie 103.7 and “Monster Mash” came on. I had just enough time from the freeway exit to my parking spot to hear the entire song. Something about this song, which I had not yet heard this Halloween season, got me into the mood at 7:51 this morning, and I walked into work feeling stress-free and excited to begin the Halloween weekend.

Sure, I have not yet had the time to pick out a Halloween costume and it looks like I will be scrambling to do so tomorrow afternoon, but that is fine by me. Halloween is supposed to be fun and I intend to make it that way.

My costume may be amazing, it may be dull, or it may even be a tragic mess, but I am looking forward to spending the weekend with friends celebrating a gays’ favorite holiday!

Check out some of the Halloween and non-Halloween events going on around town:

  • Looking for all of the Halloween nightlife celebrations going on this weekend? Check out Jim Winsor’s Guide to Halloween 2010. He does a great job capturing all of the party choices going on around town. I know that I’ll be hitting up a house-party in Clairemont, Nightmare on Normal Street, and Spin Nightclub on Saturday evening. Hope to see you out and about!
  • Gavin Newsom is coming to town for one last stop on the campaign trail. The handsome, gay-friendly mayor of the city and county of San Francisco will be hosted by the California Democrats for a special Get Out the Vote rallyat UC San Diego tomorrow, October 30, from 1:30 - 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. While I am a big political junkie and typically focus on the issues, I can’t help but reiterate how handsome this man is.
  • Democratic Candidate for Governor Jerry Brown, who visited San Diego State University last week, will make yet another stop in San Diego on Election Day eve. He’ll be at Café Coyote at 8:30 a.m. meeting with voters and garnering their support for his campaign to be governor of California again. I imagine he won’t be have much time to chat with voters since he’s scheduled to be in Los Angeles at 11:30 a.m.
  • I’m a big fan of LGBT sports even though I will probably never play one. If you are a wrestler, have ever considered wrestling, or just like guys that wear “singlets,” then check out the San Diego Bulldogs Wrestling Club beginners clinic on Halloween from 2 - 4:30 p.m. at The Center. They hope to see you “on the mat” for “a taste of man’s oldest sport!”
  • Tuesday, November 2 is Election Day. You have heard us harp about this for the last couple months so one last harp: VOTE. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Check out www.sdvote.com if you need help finding your polling place. If you have a mail ballot that you just did not get around to dropping in the mail, you can drop it off at any polling place that day – they won’t even make you wait in line.
  • The Center’s new Young Professionals Council is hosting a “Vote Naked” election results viewing party at the fabulous new Eden restaurant from 8 p.m. to midnight. It’s always a lot more fun to watch the results pour in with friends and a cocktail, than at home alone watching CNN. To sweeten the deal, there will be a hosted bar and appetizers from 8 - 9 p.m.! RSVP’s are a must!
  • How about a Big Gay BBQ? When I was a student at SDSU, we founded this event to commemorate National Coming Out Day 2000, and I am so happy to see that 10 years later, this fabulously wild campus event is still going on. In fact, the event, which usually draws 300 - 500 students and community members, has been held every single semester since that first BBQ, making this its 21st edition! Expect free food, community information tables, a student talent showcase, drag queens, a hot date auction, and more. Look for SDGLN’s table while you are there! This semester’s theme is “Proud to be_____” so come and be proud of whatever it is that you are.
  • If the drive out to SDSU just isn’t your cup of tea, another great social event for guys is Guys, Games, and Grub at The Center. Always a fun time!

By the next time I write this column, we will all (hopefully) be recovered from the mess that this weekend is going to be and hopefully rejoicing some great Election Day victories. Halloween is enough of a mess – we don’t need an Election Day trainwreck! Happy Halloween, happy voting!

Benny Cartwright is a Staff Writer with SDGLN who focuses on non-profits, politics and higher education. Also known as "Mr. Pride," he regularly informs our readers about the various Pride celebrations happening throughout California (and Tijuana). Benny also writes a social column, giving a more in-depth look at his sometimes fabulous, sometimes crazy, but always eventful, life. He has written for a number of local publications over the years, starting with San Diego’s Update! newspaper in 2005. Benny is also involved with numerous community organizations, is going to grad school and even has a "day job" – yep, he’s one busy guy!