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Join the celebration, it's DJ dirtyKURTY's 40th birthday bash

This Saturday, November's U*NI*TY party is a big one ... it's DJ dirtyKURTY's "BIG 40" birthday celebration.

"My 30's were filled with growth," DJ dirtyKurty says. "I went from being a professional soccer player to trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Dj'ing came along and I had to start all over again learning and growing. It was a fun but challenging time period."

DJ dirtyKURTY tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News she is looking forward to celebrating with all of her best friends, the people she cares about the most, and the anyone else in the community who wants to be part of the fun.

She is hoping to have another more intimate party with just friends, or at least suspects there might a surprise in the works.

With regards to music, DJ dirtyKURTY says to expect a bit of everything on Saturday.

"We have DJ Heabnasty opening with some electronica," DJ dirtyKURTY said. "I am doing a Special Birthday set of Top 40, Electro, Pop stuff, and DJ Antonio Aguilera is closing with a mix of it all."

Additionally, it is not a birthday celebration without a birthday shot, and DJ dirtyKURTY says, "My drink of choice is tequila, so that may be the shot or I might a dirty surprise."

"I want to thank the San Diego LGBTQ Community for giving me the opportunity to live my passion," she added, "and this party goes out to not just me but I am dedicating it to my two friends, Robin and Sandy who both lost their own personal battle with cancer. I just want everyone to know that regardless of what age you are or what you are dealing with, you can still live life to the fullest."

Air Conditioned Lounge
4673 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92116

November 20, 2010
9:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

$5.00 at the door


*Chance to win two VIP Pride Party passes worth $25 - $30 each, which includes access to the party and a VIP section for the winner and their group. So overall about a $100 value.

*Special Guest DJ Yodah - sdMixMasters & DJ dirtyKURTY will do a special set.

*Special "DIRTY 40" shots for the celebration

*U*NI*TY t-shirt giveaways ALL night long ... and maybe some birthday cake ... if Kurty does not eat it all!