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Win a date at The Dinah with "The Real L Word's" Whitney or Rose

LOS ANGELES -- Mariah Hanson and Club Skirts "The Dinah" are teaming up with Curve Magazine to host an exclusive "Win a Date at The Dinah" contest with two of the most controversial cast members of Showtime’s “The Real L Word” - Whitney Mixter and Rose Garcia.

Mariah Hanson, founder of both Club Skirts and The Dinah - an annual women's gathering in Palm Springs bursting with fun and entertainment at the end of March - couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the upcoming 21st anniversary milestone.

To help celebrate the occasion, Whitney and Rose are offering up a night of their own time to two lucky fans and keeping their minds and hearts open to whatever happens.

"We thought it would be titillating to create a pre-Dinah contest where viewers could win a chance to spend a few hours with their favorite and very hot stars of 'The Real L Word' and at the same time unleash the creativity of our customers through the video requirement," explained Hanson. "It's all about pre-Dinah fun in preparation for the most exciting lesbian event of the year." 

Each year, Hanson and her crew find a way to outdo themselves and it shows: The attendance has grown by leaps and bounds year after year.

Curve, the best-selling and longest surviving subscription-based lesbian magazine in the U.S., also celebrated their 20th anniversary this past year. The popular publication recently entered a new chapter under the Avalon Media ownership marquee (the Australian publisher of Bound and Australia's premier lesbian magazine, LOTL).

"I am excited that Curve has changed hands," said Hanson. "I know the publisher and editor through our prior association (with Bound and LOTL) and these women are fresh, creative, and fierce in their commitment to providing cutting edge editorial. They have a strong sense of fairness and community."

Hanson further expressed her desire to help Curve continue to grow and knows tapping into the attention her annual desert event receives, would be a sure bet.

"We believe in the vision and direction we think Curve is headed and we think that vision is synergistic with where we are taking The Dinah."

Hanson's publicist, Mona Elyafi, agreed.

"Working on such a colossal project as The Dinah is always an exciting challenge and a lot of fun! We're fortunate to always be teaming up with exceptionally amazing, witty, extraordinarily creative and professional people - and the ladies at Curve Magazine are certainly no exception."

What better way to kick off their expanded relationship than to try and stir up a few others?

The last episode of Showtime's "The Real L Word" Season One was called "Dinah or Bust," and it was shot on location at last year's Club Skirts The Dinah event. The cliffhanger didn't end on such a happy note for Rose or Whitney - leaving them both single - but that doesn't mean they have to remain single forever!

The staff of Curve and Club Skirts have invited the ladies to return to the scene of the crime(s) and even told them NOT to bring a date! That's because they are offering fans of the Showtime hit the chance of a lifetime - a shot at winning a date, possibly the hearts of two lovely ladies and maybe even sweeping them off their feet - at the upcoming world-reknown The Dinah"> weekend in Palm Springs (March 30-April 3).

So are you that girl? Were you obsessed with the first season of “The Real L Word”? Do you have a crush on love-'em-and-leave-'em heartbreaker Whitney? Are you in love with the thorny and untamable Rose?

Then don't delay - get your digital recorder out and get taping. You can enter the exclusive “Win a Date” contest online for a chance to hang with one of the two reality TV stars for one evening during the upcoming Palm Springs event.

Contest ends Tuesday, March 1st at 8:00 p.m. (EST).

How to go on the date of your dreams

All it takes is for you to post a video on Curve’s website explaining why you deserve to be the one selected to have either Whitney or Rose take you on a date at The Dinah 2011.

Curve readers and followers of The Dinah will cast their votes and the two videos with the most votes will win.

"The idea of the 'Win a Date' contest with two of the most talked about cast members of 'The Real L Word' is something different, unique and very much in alignment with the Dinah philosophy of breaking stereotypes," continued Elyafi. "I think if anything, it will allow people to see a different side of Rose and Whitney - less controversial and definitely more humanly relatable to."

The two ladies will not only be on the lookout for that special someone, but might even open up their hearts to the right woman. Both Whitney and Rose took a little time out of their very busy schedules to tell San Diego Gay & Lesbian News what they've been up to and what they think about the contest.

Whitney straight up

SDGLN caught up with Whitney right after she completed her latest tatoo, the gist of which she kept to herself. She isn't keeping her feelings about the contest to herself, though.

"I'm very excited about it and very curious about the video submissions," she said. "I'm putting my faith in the fans."

Although she'd heard of the annual gathering in Palm Springs over the years, taping for the Season One final episode was the first time she'd actually attended the event and it was everything she'd heard and more.

SDGLN wanted to know if she felt her true essesnce came through on the show or if the editing made a difference.

"Well," she began, "there is much more to me than chasing skirts, but I was single at the time, so I was true to myself.

"There were things I wasn't happy with but they had to do with me," she continued. "I pride myself in being honest and that's not always the only factor when taking others into consideration. It was therapeutic [to watch the final product], like looking in a mirror and it was definitely a growing experience."

She maintains that the show was "100 percent not scripted," including the airport scene in the first episode - which the producers loved. She realizes that scene kicked off the impression fans developed of her, right off the bat.

Whitney ended the season still searching for love and has told many other publications since that she is on a "quest" to find "the one." Is she still on that quest?

"Yes, I still am," she said. "I'm much more open to settling down."

The contest offers her the opportunity to access a pool of women she might not otherwise meet in her daily life, and she is looking forward to seeing who the fans choose as her date. Despite the VIP treatment the evening wil surely entail, Whitney hopes to get some true "quality time" with whoever wins.

"I like meeting new people and you never judge a book by its cover," she explained. "[People] always have new things to teach me and I have things I can teach them. Having [the date] at The Dinah, which is a place of new experiences, is an added bonus."

Although she doesn't get a say in who wins, she does have some words for those who choose to participate - be yourself. "Don't be what you think I might want you to be. You don't know me holistically - so be true to yourself. Be as creative as you can be."

Rose is a rose

Los Angeles-based Rose has made attendance at The Dinah a ritual for close to 10 years, so she is no virgin. Nevertheless, she is really looking forward to the "date" and has a lot of plans to make it extra special for the person who is selected.

"I really want [the winner] to have the most amazing time," she gushed. "I'm gonna put a real romantic spin to it."

Rose, who as many know was the basis for the other L Word's "Papi" character, had been a consultant (in that regard) of Ilene Chaiken for many years but that didn't get her an "in" when it came to trying out for "The Real L Word." She went through the same screening process as everyone else, had the interviews, did a casting tape, and waited about six months before finding out she was picked up for the show.

Although the final episode of Season One had her girlfriend seeing red and breaking things off, they are back on again, but Rose doesn't see this as a factor in what could happen on her date. Afterall, March is months away, so she is keeping her mind - and heart - open.

"You just never know what's going to happen. My relationship has been up and down. My girlfriend wasn't too happy about the contest, but she gets almost as much attention as the rest of us, so she really can't complain." Evidently being a sex symbol and lusted after is just all in a day's work for Rose.

She has really enjoyed connecting with the fans on her Facebook fan page, and tries hard to respond to the hundreds of messages she recieves, although she was quick to point out that her 4,400+ fans pale in comparison to Whitney's over 10,000 fans.

"She is like our Beatle," joked Rose. "When we travel together, women swarm her - they are all over her, tugging at her jeans, her hair - sometimes I have to jump in and be her pesonal bouncer. When I am traveling alone, no one bothers me, but when I am with others, it is mayhem," she said.

Rose is still busy juggling her real estate investment career and is thankful the job is flexible and her company has been 100 percent supportive. "I'm very out at work, although episode seven was a little shocking for people."

As for her date, she thought a moment before vocalizing what she was looking for.

"I want someone who is a fan of the show and wants to get to know me on a one-on-one basis," she explained. "The show kind of made me look like a jerk, which I'm really not. They are going to see my romantic side, for sure."

How to join the competition

For full details about the contests or how to submit your entry, go to Curve magazine online.

Don’t forget to also check out Curve Magazine's exclusive interviews with Rose and Whitney, who talk love, The Dinah, and what they’re looking for in your video. They’ll be watching!