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VIDEO: Ask not how San Diego can help you, but how you can help San Diego

“The more integrated we are with our community, the less likely we are to experience colds, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, depression, and premature death of all sorts.” — Robert D. Putnam, Harvard professor and author of “Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community.”

SAN DIEGO -- Numerous studies have proven that being actively involved in community projects and groups can vastly reduce the risks of many physical ailments. In addition to helping stave off illness, volunteering may very well be the key to preserving our environment.

Helping your community doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars or eat up all of your spare time. The show “How Can I Help San Diego” is spearheading a grass-roots effort to help preserve the beauty that is our beachfront oasis.

Ronnie Das and crew have all volunteered their time to help raise awareness on issues that should be important to every San Diegan.

“Population growth will reduce our natural resources,” said Das, who studied environmental systems at San Diego State University and worked with the city of San Diego Environmental Services Department before venturing into the world of environmental education. “Landfill use and air pollution will rise with population while ground water supplies will be depleted.”

“How Can I Help San Diego” is not meant to guilt viewers into helping, but it’s intended to be used as a tool to assist people in making choices that work for their lifestyle and budget. The show simply examines what is, and what could be, the rest is up to us.

“Getting the right people in the right places to build partnerships,” is the overall vision for the show, Das said. “Public programs need volunteers and we all have different skills and assets that we can use to help.”

The show itself is an act in volunteerism, Das explained. “The cost of tape and our time are our only expenses. It’s cool to be frugal. And we get to use our own innovation to make things work on the fly.”

The topics to be featured on the show are diverse and cover a wide range of new and existing ideas to help conserve natural resources. With over 100 ideas for topics they want to cover in San Diego alone, the “How Can I Help San Diego” crew are as busy as ever.

In the first season, the show will cover organic farming, solar power, water quality, sustainable landscaping, erosion control and environmental policy.

The key to what makes “How Can I Help San Diego” different from other environmental shows already out there is that the show intends to show us how we can help now.

“Some of these shows tell us that in 2050 we’ll all be driving cars fueled by hydrogen, that’s great, but what can I do today?” Das said.

Simple everyday things that we can all try to be conscious of will make a big impact if we can all band together and work as a team.

“Remember that we are living in a desert,” Das said. “Shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing your teeth and sustainable landscaping,” are just a few of the easy tips that Das and his team are trying to implement to save the San Diego that we all know and love.

Remembering that these perks aren’t self-sufficient is something that can easily be forgotten when you’re out frolicking in the ocean, at the zoo or in the park.

Our health and our environment are closely related and taking actions now to preserve both can save us from having to take drastic actions in the future. It’s always easier to perform preventative maintenance checks over time than to have to rebuild the entire body/environment once it’s been destroyed. What if the answer to our maladies isn’t working more, but working less and volunteering more?

To get involved in volunteering, check out HERE. The website has a feature that allows you to input your volunteering interests and see what organizations in the community match your skills and interests. “How Can I Help San Diego” will be premiering on ITV in April, and you can watch clips from upcoming shows on the website now.

“How Can I Help San Diego” will be premiering on ITV in April, and you can watch clips from upcoming shows on the website now.