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VIDEO: Make it a night to remember at Hillcrest's first-ever Prom

SAN DIEGO -- Prom can conjure up harrowing memories for some LGBT people. For instance, take Constance McMillan, who was barred from attending her high school's prom with her girlfriend.

Maybe some simply stayed at home to avoid any possible bullying or embarrassment. Hillcrest's newest nightclub, Eden, seeks to right this wrong with its adult clientele by offering up the gayborhood's first-ever Prom.

Prom night will begin on Thursday, May 26, at 9 pm with a special performance by Ultra Nate. Under the theme, "Midnight in the Garden," the patio and nightclub will be revamped into a combination of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Alice in Wonderland."

"We will be going big that night with tuxes, gowns and crowns so don't be afraid to pull out all the stops," a spokesperson for Eden said.

"Prom is one of the quintessential high school experiences," said Rob Corea, spokesman for Eden. "I think that a lack of understanding and acceptance kept many of us from celebrating that night the way we wanted to. This prom is about agency. It's about creating an opportunity for our community to come together and take back that night, celebrating in true gay fashion of course and really living it up!"

Because every prom needs a King and Queen, Eden will be hosting a Prom Court nomination party on Sunday, May 8, followed by two voting parties.

The first voting party will be at Fiesta Cantina on Sunday, May 15, and the second at Bourbon Street on Thursday, May 19.

Couples tickets are $35 and single tickets are $20. You may purchase them online HERE

A portion of the prom proceeds will go to The Center.

"By partnering with The Center and by providing a portion of the funds to their Youth Prom, we see this as a great way of contributing to the creation of the perfect prom for local LGBT youth," Corea said. "Hopefully our efforts will allow them to enjoy their prom to the fullest ... the first time around."