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BUSINESS PROFILE: At Hillcrest Fitness, get fit, get fabulous

SAN DIEGO -- It’s been several months since Chris Tina Bruce made her way to sunny San Diego. And now that she’s here and settled, she’s excited to announce several developments about her business, Discover Health and Fitness.

The first is the opening of Hillcrest Fitness (a division of Discover Health and Fitness) at the corner of Park and Lincoln. The second is that she’s now offering Fitness Fun Camp classes, Bruce’s own personal spin on boot-camp style classes that have been growing in popularity in recent years.

“A lot of people see boot camp-style classes as being too hard core,” she said. “So I wanted to put together a program where my clients could get in shape but have fun at the same time. In the Fitness Fun Camp classes we joke around and goof off but we still work really hard. It’s definitely not the typical ‘drop and give me 100 push-ups’ where someone yells at you the whole time.”

Among the exercises she employs during her classes are the hiney hauler and the ghetto boa.

“My clients actually came up with those names,” she laughed. “The hiney hauler is a board with wheels that you sit on and pull yourself forward with your legs. This works the legs and glutes for that perky apple bottom. The ghetto boa is a rubber inner-tube stuffed with rubber bits that you swing around, which works the entire core for those 12 pack abs.”

The class also incorporates Indian runs, nutritional coaching and of course, Chris’ light-hearted personality and side-stitch inducing laughter. At current, they take place at Balboa Park (one class begins at 6 am, the other begins at 7 am) several days a week, and at her new storefront location on the others.

“My new location is at 4002 Park Blvd., right at the corner of Park and Lincoln in the heart of Hillcrest,” Bruce said. “I’ll be offering different promotions and specials during Pride week, and I’ll be available to speak to people between the hours of 1 pm and 5 pm if they’d like to stop by and learn more.”

Bruce said that right now, she has a few openings in her Fitness Fun Camp classes, but as the classes fill up and interest continues to grow, she’ll begin developing other classes as well during the mid day and afternoon hours.

Hillcrest Fitness client Tony Weeks said that after working with Chris, he’s in better shape than he’s ever been.

“I haven’t had results like these in years,” he said. “I’ve toned up and lost weight, and I’m now down to weighing to what I did when I was in my 20s, and I’m getting ready to turn 44.”

Weeks, who is transgender, said that being able to work with a trainer who is also transgender has had a positive impact on his results.

“I can pass as a man, but during one training she made a comment that I still ran like a girl,” he laughed. “So not only has she helped me gain speed, lose fat, and gain muscle, she’s been able to help me run more like a man. Chris has been a godsend for me because she’s someone I feel comfortable discussing trans-issues with, and she knows what I need to do as a FTM in order to build muscle and shape my body.”

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