Alibi’s “Before I Die” installation deemed a “living canvas” for Hillcrest

(Morgan M. Hurley is a Contributing Editor of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, Editor of San Diego Downtown News, and Assistant Editor of Gay San Diego and San Diego Uptown News.)

SAN DIEGO — In an attempt to help a good friend with subtle business modifications to expand his brand, a Mission Hills resident decided creating a not-so-subtle portal to what has become a “global art project” would not only benefit his friend’s bar, but bring the Uptown community a little closer together.

So far he can chalk up his plan as a success.

Inspired by the “Before I Die” project, Andrew Barajas’s creation consists of a public wall space covered with chalkboard paint, then stenciled with the words “Before I die I want to …” followed by blank lines, inviting passersby to grab a piece of chalk and finish the sentence with whatever they wish.

Installed without much fanfare one Saturday near the end of June, the red-framed chalkboard wall in Hillcrest spans 40 feet and stands six feet tall, almost the entire length of the Richmond Avenue side of the Alibi bar at 1403 University Ave. Since then, hundreds of people have approached the chalkboard to publicly share dreams certain to have been pulled directly from their personal bucket lists.

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