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San Diego gay couple get engaged on stage of Broadway's "Cinderella" | VIDEO

NEW YORK -- Many people have "fairy tale" dreams of what their engagement will be like, but one San Diego man proposed to his partner on stage at a Broadway production of the fairy tale "Cinderella" last week.

Kunal Ghose got on his knee and popped the question to his boyfriend Jason Aronne in front of a full house immediately following the Sept. 4 show at The Broadway Theatre in New York City.

Thinking the stage appearance was part of a promotion he and Ghose won, Aronne and the rest of the audience were surprised when Ghose got down on his knee and asked Aronne to be his husband. Ghose planned the proposal for months, in collaboration with the production team of "Cinderella."

Ghose told Aronne, his partner of two years, that Jason is his true love and an amazing man. When Ghose pulled a ring out of his pocket and dropped to one knee, the audience began wildly cheering in excitement for the couple. The cast was excited, too.

Aronne answered with an immediate "yes" when Ghose asked him, "Jason, will you be kind enough to accept me as the man of your life, and will you marry me?"

The couple met at Cheers Bar in University Heights, with their first date at Ortega's Restaurant in Hillcrest. Aronne, who is originally Florida, and Ghose, who came to the United States six years ago from India, say that San Diego has become a very important part of their lives - so much so that they named their dog "Diego."

The couple loves to travel, and Aronne is a huge fan of Broadway shows.

"When they called our seats for a 'meet and greet' I was elated," Aronne told SDGLN today while the couple was about to board their jet for their flight home. "Little did I know how amazing it would be. I realized what was really going on when [Kunal] took the mic and began talking. My emotions took over and I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement so much that the crowd, stage and cast disappeared and it was just me and him. I almost interrupted him to say yes, yes, yes!"

And the "icing on the cake," Aronne said, was to get a hug from Cinderella directly after this "amazing moment" along with the rest of the cast, and the couple also were treated to a backstage tour.

"My [fiancé] Kunal is the most amazing man ever," Aronne said.

The couple has not yet set a wedding date - as they are just returning from their New York trip today - but are looking at a late spring or summer 2014 event.