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BUSINESS PROFILE: Art of Elegance Entertainment

SAN DIEGO -- With same-gender marriage now a reality in California, many couples are ready to tie the knot. Planning a wedding that friends, family and loved ones will enjoy can be a difficult task, but luckily there are a number of services that have much experience in this area, and are ready and proud to serve the LGBT community.

Andrew Peters, owner of Art of Elegance Entertainment, is a full-service wedding entertainment director, lighting specialist and professional musician. With more than 150 weddings under his belt, he is ready to help his clients - people who don't want the typical cookie-cutter wedding - throw the best wedding party possible.

With 12 years experience in the wedding industry, three years of theatrical lighting (film/TV) experience and four years of business experience, Peters knows what he is doing and would love to make your special day even more special!

With the company slogan being "rethink tradition," Peters said he works extra hard to provide an incredibly unique experience for his clients, calling his Art of Elegance a "triple-bottom-line" business. This means that Peters' believes his commitment to the environment and contribution to society are just as important as the services he offers.

"I have a steadfast commitment to combining the innovation and social awareness of modern with the quality and authenticity of tradition as a means to bring about great change in what a couple experiences for wedding entertainment," Peters said.

Peters' dedication, business philosophy and talent combine to make Art of Elegance the best option for a couple's wedding entertainment needs and Art of Elegance is ready to serve you.

We spoke with Peters who gave us some more insight into what he does, his experience, and how he helps clients make their wedding day magical.

SDGLN: What led you to this line of business/work?

Peters: Music, entertainment, constant learning and a desire to help people succeed have been constant factors in my life from a young age. I received my first turntables and mixer at 12, and I DJ'ed my first wedding at age 13. In 2008, after several hundred more weddings and private events by word-of-mouth alone, I decided to best utilize my talents by specializing exclusively in weddings. I love this career because I can provide my expertise and talent to bring a couple’s wedding day to life, entertain their guests and create that everlasting “blur of loveliness” — the emotion they get when they think about their wedding day years from now.

Tell us in a few sentences what services you provide or what you do.

I provide my expertise in customizing a couple’s DJ entertainment experience, wedding format and event lighting from the ground up, in a way that matches their unique style, personalities and ideal vision. I also provide expert planning assistance and vendor referrals.

Why sets you apart from your competitors?

Being Andrew Peters is a big one. I invest a whole lot of energy and time into each wedding I take on, which limits the number of weddings I do each year to less than 30. I provide a high level of service through attentive support, expert insight and relationship building. Being a career musician and music lover, I have a thorough understanding of the context of music, so the soundtrack will be surprisingly eclectic, yet perfectly suited to the couple. I still use turntables, but with digital software for maximum sound clarity and control over the music. Constant learning means I am always honing my expertise and keeping abreast of modern trends; this includes using an industry-leading equipment setup that solves ALL of the most common wedding entertainment complaints, further ensuring wedding day perfection.

What is unique about your business?

- Total event personalization.

- Luxury/first-class service (no other DJ companies in S.D. match the level of attention/support).

- Prosocial philanthropy: donating to local youth music and arts programs.

- Commitment to wedding photographer’s success and “wow” factor of couple / guests using upscale event lighting design.

- Working almost exclusively with gay clients.

- Concert-quality sound coverage that solves common wedding problems.

- Proprietary online client planning suite (song planning help, informative articles, wedding day timeline planning, Guest Request page, etc.).

If someone is deciding on a service that you provide, why should they choose your business?

In addition to loving what I do, it must be said that this is my full-time profession. Because the couple is investing a considerable amount of time, money, and energy into having a fabulous wedding, I will invest myself fully into ensuring that success. After all, the overall success of the wedding rests solely on the shoulders of the entertainment. It’s what everyone remembers years later, so there’s only one shot to get it right. I keep my skills honed and have minimized all risks for the big day. Clients time and time again have referred me to their friends and family, and wedding vendors and venues prefer working with my company.

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