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San Diego's Multicultural LGBT book club becomes official foundation

(Editor's note: This post originally appeared Gay San Diego, a SDGLN media partner. Gay San Diego made changes to the original text, which have altered this article.)

SAN DIEGO -- Formerly called the Multicultural LGBT Book Club, the San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation has expanded its scope after beginning last year.

Currently seeking 501(c)3 nonprofit status, the Foundation will be celebrating their anniversary on Nov. 9, hosting their first Visiting Writers Program, opening a non-profit bookstore and adding additional programing to the current Pat Parker and Arturo Islas literary series.

The book group will continue, including October’s discussion at Bluestocking Books in Hillcrest, on the first and third Sundays. The literary series currently meets at the University Heights Library on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 6 – 7 p.m., however this and the book group location will change after Nov. 6.

“While Bluestocking has been a fabulous starting point for our organization, it has always been our vision to make books by LGBT authors of color widely available in San Diego,” said CFO Stephany Farley in a press release. “Bluestocking Books has proven to be a progressive bookstore and shown a commitment to carrying these titles, so we felt it was a good time to embark on a new phase of our journey and begin offering books for donations that match the cover price.”

Executive director and founder Caleb Rainey said they are excited to bring this “historical first” to San Diego, and has teamed up with the Lambda Literary Foundation for an event at the Central Library during the November Visiting Writers Program. The San Diego Foundation will welcome Emanuel Xavier and Charles Rice-González, two LGBT Puerto Rican writers, for several Foundation-sponsored events, including the daylong anniversary celebration. For more information – including the Nov. 9 anniversary – visit sdliteraryfoundation.org.