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National Cathedral dean calls homophobia and heterosexism a sin

WASHINGTON -- The main argument for those against homosexuality is that it is a sin and goes against the teachings of the Bible. But the Bible doesn’t teach hatred and that’s the message the dean of Washington National Cathedral sent out during a weekend of events for gay youth at the church. As the Associated Press reports on October 6, the Very Rev. Gary Hall has labeled homophobia a sin.

Hall used the killing of Matthew Shepard and the suicide Tyler Clementi to support his message to you that “shaming people for whom they love is a sin.” He also stated in his Sunday sermon the church’s role in calling out homophobia and heterosexism as a sin.

With the rise of anti-gay crimes across throughout the country and across the world and with the high rate of suicide committed by LGBT youth, Hall’s message was that of compassion as he relayed the message of intolerance against any form of hatred.

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