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Interim Mayor Todd Gloria to attend Hillcrest Town Council meeting

San Diego's Interim Mayor Todd Gloria will be joining us on Tuesday, Nov. 12, talking about the issues that matter most to residents of Hillcrest.

If you had an opportunity to meet your mayor, what would you ask him? On Tuesday, you'll have a chance to do just that!

In addition to his duties as Interim Mayor, Gloria is also our representative on the City Council for our neck of the woods, District 3.

Who runs this showboat called Hillcrest?

There's been a lot of change in HIllcrest lately amongst the power players, and many of them are coming to Hillcrest Town Council next week.

-HBA Executive Director Sonia Stauffer
-UCPD's Chief Operating Officer Elizabeth Hannon
-Zach Schlagel, UCSD Medical Center
-Monica Montana, Scripps Mercy
-Toni Duran, Hillcrest's rep for Toni Atkins
-Rich Reyes, Hillcrest's rep for Todd Gloria

Our Last Meeting...(of the year)

HIllcrest Town Council's had an exciting year, and there's no end to the amazing things that we've accomplished. Join us on Tuesday as we reminisce about all the highlights of the year.

It's beginning to feel a lot like...the holiday season.

Even though Hillcrest Town Council doesn't meet in December, it doesn't mean you've got the night off! Hillcrest Town Council and Hillcrest History Guild are proudly joining forces to put on the annual Holiday Potluck on Tuesday, December 10 at our usual time, 6:30pm-8 at our usual location, the Joyce Beers Center.

Trust us...it's fun.

Join us at the Joyce Beers Community Center this coming Tuesday!

Hillcrest Town Council's Steering Committee is often where the magic begins. Come be a part of the team that sets the agenda for our monthly meetings, and helps make other critical decisions about where Hillcrest Town Council moves.

Join us at Ortega's, A Mexican Bistro (http://www.ortegasbistro.com/) (141 University Ave) at 6:00pm on December 30, 2013 (there is no Steering Committee meeting in November).

Have you seen the new Hillquest.com (http://www.hillquest.com) ? Check out the new site for one of our valued community partners.

It's always a fun night on the second Tuesday of the month with Hillcrest Town Council.

We meet at 6:30pm at the Joyce Beers Center, in the Uptown Shopping District near the Ralphs and Trader Joe's shopping center on Vermont Street.

Bring a friend -- we'll see you there!

For more information visit the Hillcrest Town Council HERE.