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WeHo to host "Singles Day" celebration on Saturday

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- If you didn’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas and are feeling a bit grim about next month’s Valentine’s Day, you might want to head to West Hollywood Park Saturday and join others in embracing your single status.

That’s where West Hollywood’s Karen Reed and Mia Dinelly will kick off an event dubbed “Singles Day,” whose goal is to celebrate that status rather than mourn it.

Reed got the idea for Singles Day two months ago, when she saw a story on television about a similar event in China that not only celebrates single life but has inspired uninhibited shopping. In China, the day dwarfs America’s “Cyber Monday” spending. Some American merchants — notably Gap, Microsoft, Steve Madden and Adidas — already organize sales in China around its Nov. 11 Singles Day date.

Reed, who is happily single, sees Singles Day as a way to fight misconceptions about single people, who she thinks are often regarded as “lonely, sad people.”

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