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Auntie Helen's Thrift Store launches the "Bear Cave"

SAN DIEGO -- Auntie Helen's, a local thrift store that raises money for the organization's HIV/AIDS and homeless services, is launching its newest section, The Bear Cave, with a special celebration on Saturday, Feb. 1 from 6-8 pm.

The Bear Cave will include a large selection of new leather jackets, shirts, hats, pants and other items geared toward the Bear community.

In gay and bisexual male culture, a Bear is typically a large, hairy man who often projects an image of rugged masculinity. There are numerous organizations and events that cater to Bears, including several popular "Bear Nights" at nightclubs. Locally, Harvey Milk's American Diner even hosts a twice monthly "Bear Brunch."

This venture for Auntie Helen's will be the first time the store has sold new clothes, but they have pledged to maintain reasonable pricing on all items.

Auntie Helen's was founded in 1988 as a fluff and fold laundry project to help persons with AIDS. The organization opened the thrift shop in 1989 to finance the laundry operation and has been in operation ever since. Auntie Helen's has expanded its services in recent years and also provides support to the homeless community in North Park, and funding for other HIV/AIDS service organizations.

This Saturday's celebration to launch The Bear Cave is free and open to the public, and will include food, beverages, and music by DJ Johnny Tran.

Auntie Helen's is located at 4127 30th St. in North Park. Additional information is HERE.