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Muscle bear hunk Chris Miklos dies at age 40



DALLAS, Texas — Chris Miklos, known across the world as a muscle bear hunk and calendar model, died in his sleep over the weekend. He was 40.

Miklos reportedly died of a heart attack, but an autopsy report will take weeks to confirm the cause of death.

He was working on Bear World magazine’s 2015 calendar at the time of his death.

Arnold Wayne Jones wrote this in the Dallas Voice:

I first met Chris Miklos about eight years ago, when he was the partner of a friend of mine, but anyone who met Chris even once would remember him for a long time. Tall, fit and handsome, he was a staple in the gay community, especially popular within the bear culture, spotted instantly for his smile and personal magnetism.

So the Dallas community, and beyond, was shocked to learn Monday afternoon that Miklos died in his sleep, apparently of a heart attack. He was 40. Reports say he was discovered by a neighbor Monday, though he had not been seen since Saturday night.

Chris graduated from the University of Akron and was a clinical research associate, performing medical testing on experimental drugs to treat a variety of ailments, including HIV. He traveled weekly for his work, which he loved. His friends remember him for all he did for the community.

He leaves behind a younger brother and his parents. Services have not been announced.

The Gay News Network reported this:

Miklos was the primary model for Burley Shirts, a company which specialises in apparel and other accessories targeted at the bear community. He has also been noted as a muse for Modern Bear, a website which provides entertainment and education to the gay bear community and their friends.

A prominent fixture within the bear scene, Miklos’ modelling campaigns paved the way forward at a time when more-rugged looking men were under-represented within the community.

News of Miklos’ death apparently was first reported by Kenneth Walsh, who writes the blog “kenneth in the (212).”

The blogger quoted a statement issues by Mack Sturgis Studios, where Miklos was considered money:

We here at Mack Sturgis Studio are devastated to have heard the news about Chris’s passing. Chris has basically been our Spokesmodel since he first walked into our studio 2 1/2 years ago…immediately inspiring us with his rugged good looks, charming personality, and adventurous willingness to help bring our visions to life. It is my sincere honor to have known him and to have had the opportunity to create the body of work we created together…from a beyond fantasy fireman to an image of masculine beauty encased in a shell of leather. Through Chris I found a direction for my Mack Sturgis vision and with the simplest of gestures he could project a beam of life through the lens of the camera, creating an image immediately representing the essence of male strength and valor. The beauty of his spirit and laugh perfectly mirrored what we all saw in the resulting images.

This image is what we would call our “Classic Chris” pose during a shoot…I could simply say “let’s see the Classic Chris”…and out would come the Big Guns…and a fantastic smile every time. Thank you thank you, Chris, for the growth you encouraged in me as an artist and for your enthusiasm to see just what we could come up with each time you visited the studio…and for your patience as I learned my way around studio lighting…
I hope it is the light of Heaven in which you now shine!
Bear Hugs,

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