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Hillcrest Town Council to hold February meeting Tuesday

SAN DIEGO, California -- The February meeting of the Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 6:30 pm.

All community members are invited to attend and participate in HTC, which was created to provide a voice and enhance the quality of life for Hillcrest residents, renters and homeowners, while supporting actions that benefit the neighborhood. Those who live within or near Hillcrest are encouraged to participate.

The February meeting agenda is below.

6:30 pm - Updates from representatives of elected officials and community organizations, and public comment.

7 pm - Re-envisioning Pride Plaza

Hillcrest Business Association Executive Director and Hillcrest CDC Board Member will be presenting an update on the current plans for Pride Plaza and Hillcrest's Civic Space. There are a number of options that are being considered for the space and a number of phases. Some of the most important questions that need to be answered by the community include how the early phases will be paid for, what will the early phases look like and who will be responsible for the space as the phases are completed? Come of the Hillcrest Town Council and hear about this long talked about project that is finally getting off the ground.

7:20 pm - Hillcrest Parking Committee

The Uptown Community Parking District re-invests parking meter funds back into the community with parking related projects. Where would you like to see changes in your community? We are now seeking ideas to alleviate impacted parking in business and residential areas. Drop us a note and share where you would like to see changes to parking supply, demand & mobility in your community: Elizabeth@ParkUptownSD.org. Ideas must be received no later than February 27, 2015. Please join us at our neighborhood parking committee & board meetings; check out our website for details: www.ParkUptownSD.org.

7:30 pm: Renaming Florence Elementary (OPEN FORUM)

The Gay and Lesbian History Task Force and many local politicians want to change the name of Florence Elementary School to Christine Kehoe School of Social Justice. We will have an open forum to discuss. Please join us and let us know what you think. Then please attend the School meeting on February 12th at 5:30pm at Florence Elementary School in Hillcrest (University and First) and let them know what you think. If you have to choose one meeting over the other then please attend the school meeting on February 12 where you will be able to speak directly to the group that wants to change the name.

You may also write an email to the school district and let them know how you feel about it. Contact Moises Aguirre at SD Unified School District at maguirre@sandi.net and mention that it is regarding "Renaming the Florence Elementary School."

The meeting will be held at the Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St., in the HUB shopping center.

More information about HTC is available HERE.