Business profile: Joey Kirkpatrick, Licensed Massage Therapist

SAN DIEGO, California — There’s few things in life more relaxing than a professional massage. The dim lighting, peaceful environment, light music and gentle touch create a space for even the most stressed person forget their worries for an hour.

Joey Kirkpatrick, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) strives to do just that for all of his clients through his massage therapy business. He says he has a passion for health and wellness, and for providing effective therapy to structural imbalances in the body, while decreasing stress and promoting relaxation.

Originally from Medford, Oregon, Kirkpatrick has been a San Diego resident for nearly 11 years and was educated locally at Mueller College. An LMT is a therapist who has been educated at an accredited school for the required amount of training and whose qualifications are recognized by local and state governments. Besides running his business full time, Kirkpatrick is also a musician and actor.

A session with Joey

I recently had the opportunity to experience a 90-minute massage therapy session with Kirkpatrick and came out feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and relaxed in a way that other massage therapists haven’t been able to do.

At the start of the session, Kirkpatrick checked in with me to see if I had any specific problem areas or issues that needed to be addressed. For me, I struggle with tension in my shoulders and occasional lower back pain. While providing a full body massage that put me into a totally calm state within minutes, Kirkpatrick worked very hard to fix my problem areas, using pressure that seemed to send the tension away.

He has a gentle touch and calm demeanor that are soothing, and his studio is comfortable and inviting. His office is in the back of beautiful old-style home that has been converted into offices, giving it a homey feel. I felt completely comfortable upon first entering and meeting Kirkpatrick, and plan to come back again and again.

Business name: Joey Kirkpatrick, LMT

Your name: Joey Kirkpatrick

Your role: Licensed Massage Therapist

Why did you want to become a massage therapist?

I’ve always had an interest in alternative forms of therapy. There are many people who have trouble managing chronic pain, battling stress and anxiety, and who have limited mobility.

What can clients expect in a session from you?

When working with me, all of my clients can expect great customer service, a full intake that will allow them to discuss their main concerns and what they want to accomplish, and they are provided with self-care tips, such as stretches, and self-massage techniques.

What is unique about your services?

During each session, I offer information about specific muscles and their functions to help a client better understand their body and why their muscles may feel tight in certain areas.

What is your favorite part about providing massage therapy services to clients?

Having the opportunity to help make a difference in someone’s quality of life is the best part of what I do!

What is your goal with each client?

With my clients, I strive to help them increase their range of motion, decrease chronic pain, make them feel relaxed and less stressed, and for each client to have a better understanding of their own body.


Here are the details about Joey Kirkpatrick, LMT.

Address: 3202 Third Ave., No. 2, San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: 619-887-4563

Website: Click HERE.

Hours: Vary, but currently Tuesday-Friday 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm.

Special offer for SDGLN readers

SDGLN readers who book a 90-minute massage online by March 15 will receive a discounted rate of $70.

Also, first-time clients can book their first 60-minute session for just $40.

Click HERE to learn more about Joey Kirkpatrick’s services and for booking information.

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