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"KillJoy's Kastle" is a unique L.A. horror funhouse of feminism and LGBTQ history

A Canadian artist has created a horror attraction in the heart of Los Angeles just in time for Halloween, but this is not your normal frightfest.

KillJoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House opens on October 16 2015, and runs through October 30 in the West Hollywood district of Los Angeles.

The installation, created by artists Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell is a performance art attraction which showcases unique and thought-provoking scenarios in lesbian and feminist history, but with a horror twist.

Logue and Mitchell are calling it, “their sex positive, trans inclusive, queer lesbian-feminist-fear-fighting celebration.”

Although the attraction may seem counterintuitive to some in the LGBT community, it would appear that the artists are making a statement; an overabundance of gender history that just might be the things of which evangelical nightmares are made.

However the attraction is also a history lesson. Co-produced by the ONE foundation which holds the world’s largest collection of LGBT history within its archives, KillJoy’s Castle represents the struggles and ultimately the advancements of a queer nation.

All aspects of the lesbian community, including the often misidentified judgements of the straight community are represented in bloody detail.

As described in the event’s press release, what awaits you in the Kastle are maximalist postulations of frightening gender concepts:

“Dare to be scared by gender-queer apparitions, ball-busting butches, and never-married, happy-as-hell spinsters. Get down on riot ghouls and radical vampiric grannies while channeling your inner consciousness hell-raiser.”

There will be a women’s studies guide who will take you through the maze of feminist history. Each scene is a glimpse into the “horrors” of a female-centric environment all encased in a, “haunted house-nailed, knit, and glued by a coven of dedicated feminists.”

KillJoy's Kastle is a unique group-guided performance and they are not booking appointments in advance. They encourage visitors to arrive early and consider attending any of the performances throughout October.

KillJoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House opens Friday, October 16, 2015, 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Plummer Park, West Hollywood, Long Hall, 7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Opening night is Friday, October 16, from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday, October 17 & 18, from 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

Thursday Oct. 22 through Sunday, Oct. 25, from 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

Wednesday Oct. 28 through Oct. 30, from 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

A gift shop is also available from Otherwild

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KillJoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House originated in collaboration with, and through financial support of, the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), Toronto. Support for this presentation of theKillJoy's Kastle is provided by the City of West Hollywood through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission. Additional support is provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the ONE Archives Foundation.

Images: Installation photographs from prior installation of KillJoy's Kastle in Toronto, October 2013. Courtesy of the artists

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