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Back Out With Benny: To be 'young and gay'

I was thinking the other day about what it felt like to be young and gay. While I know at 35 years old, I’m still “young,” I’m certainly not 18 years old anymore. There was an innocence, excitement and curiosity that just can’t be matched.

Whenever possible, I try to have Monday date nights with myself, as I seem to have free time on that day more than any other. I typically take myself to another part of town, listen to relaxing music, and either take a long walk, sit in a cafe with tea, catch a movie, or just drive around.

This week, I found myself driving up to the San Diego beachside community of La Jolla where I passed The Living Room Coffeehouse. The now long-closed Hillcrest location of The Living Room was a place that I met my first group of gay friends, and learned so much about the community. It was there that I spent just about every night of the week after work and school studying, socializing, people watching, gossiping, and making new friends and romances.

Every new LGBT person I met brought curiosity, every upcoming community event was not to be missed, and exploring things I hadn’t done before made every day an adventure.

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