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Due To ‘Serious Medical Emergency’, Jay Leno Cancels His Conference Appearance



Due To 'Serious Medical Emergency', Jay Leno Cancels His Conference Appearance

After being burned in a garage fire, Jay Leno has third-degree burns on his face and may require skin transplants. According to the source, the 72-year-old comedian has postponed appearances for the following two weeks and is receiving hyperbaric therapy at the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles.

According to a source close to the comedian, one of his automobiles caught fire and started the garage fire, NBC News reported on Tuesday. The source claims that on Saturday at his Burbank, California, garage, the erstwhile “Tonight Show” anchor was repairing an antique motor’s choked fuel line.

Before a spark set the fire off, there was a mechanical fault, and gasoline spewed all over his face.

His Health Condition Is In Critical

The insider, who met Leno on Saturday following the event, claimed that Leno had burns on the left side of his face and his hands. After being transported by EMS to a Burbank hospital, Leno was transferred to the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, where he is still being treated.

His Health Condition Is In Critical

According to the Grossman Burn Center website, he is undergoing hyperbaric remedy, an oxygen technique that “may expedite burn granulation tissue formation.”

Leno May Not Be Able To Leave The Burn Facility Anytime Soon.

Jay Leno is simply following the standard processes. He was placed in the hyperbaric chamber. The insider stated that it was only a matter of time and that he must regularly undergo hyperbaric therapy.

The 72-year-old comic was scheduled to perform this weekend in St. Louis and Denver, but his engagements for the following two weeks have been postponed to focus on his recovery.

The insider suggested that Jay might stay out of the public eye for at least two weeks and possibly even longer. Given the recent fire accident Jay was involved in, the managers have essentially canceled all of Jay’s events.

Although the source is optimistic and doesn’t think Leno will stay in the burn center through Thanksgiving, the doctors said he could not leave the burn center anytime soon.

Jay is the type of person that enjoys getting up and moving, but they must also treat him with respect. To put it another way, some persons with burns on their bodies cannot move. However, Jay appears in good physical condition beneath his chin or shoulders. Therefore, Jay will want to stay there for that extended period.

Leno’s Past Battles With High Cholesterol

Leno has been honest in the past about his health, but it’s uncertain what his situation is right now. In a 2019 video, he described a scan showing a blockage in the heart after receiving a high cholesterol diagnosis.

He also discussed educating people about the value of regular checkups and proper nutrition. In addition, Leno claimed to have used a portable EKG gadget to monitor his heart rhythm, identify abnormal heartbeats, and take medicine to control his cholesterol. He also claimed that he abstains from tobacco and alcohol and acknowledged that he might sometimes cut slack. 

Leno reportedly acknowledged that he is not a physically fit man who could run 5 miles every day. To those who share his viewpoints, Leno suggests that working out could be challenging to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and physical fitness. However, consulting a doctor and learning the proper course of action is one of the easiest ways to get things back on track, especially regarding your health!

As most of Leno’s scheduled events are either canceled or postponed, all we can currently hope for is a quick recovery for him. But, unfortunately, the Financial Brand informed Forum 2022 attendees via email that the former Tonight Show host had to postpone his scheduled performance due to his extraordinary fire accident.

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