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After Dad’s Announcement Night, Ivanka Trump Says She Is Done With Politics!



Ivanka Trump

Ivanka has been absent from most of Trump’s political endeavors, indicating that she does not enjoy politics. Ivanka Trump, a former first daughter, declared late on Tuesday that she wouldn’t participate in her father’s 2024 presidential election campaign. The former president reportedly begged her to be on stage with him when he announced his candidacy, according to a piece in The Post published the day before.

During her father’s administration, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter quickly rose to prominence in politics. She emerged as a leading strategist in the Trump administration’s White House and gave the commencement speech at the 2020 RNC convention. But, unfortunately, she and her brother Don Jr. missed her father’s Tuesday night announcement that he would run for president in 2024.

Ivanka Trump Now Wishes To Concentrate On Her Personal Life

She provided an explanation of these choices in a statement. Despite her admiration and influence on her father, she stays away from politics. Ivanka decided to put her young kids’ needs and their private lives as a family first this time. She, therefore, has no intention of getting involved in politics.

Ivanka also said that, although she will constantly love and cherish her father, she will do so moving forward beyond the political sphere. Ivanka also acknowledged her appreciation for the opportunity to serve the American people and that she will always be pleased with most of the achievements made by the administration under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Ivanka Now Wishes To Concentrate On Her Personal Life

Ivanka Kushner’s wife, who served as an unofficial adviser during her father’s presidency, was not present during the Campaign. But her husband, Jared Kushner, was in the crowd of about 1,000 people who filled Mar-a-ballroom Lago’s for the eagerly awaited campaign launch. Since her father’s resignation, Ivanka has gradually distanced herself from his administration.

She broke with Donald Trump’s steadfast stance that the 2020 election was stolen from him in June, declaring that she “supported” Attorney General William Barr’s assessment that there had been no significant voter fraud. Ivanka “would never” return to her position as her father’s top adviser, according to sources acquainted with her thinking. She was “done” with politics, according to reports that surfaced earlier this month.

Ivanka’s Absence Is A Big Message As The Campaign Has Already Begun

An insider said about the couple’s hesitation that they might have been consumed in Washington and are unlikely to return and subject themselves and their kids to another acrimonious campaign. In the end, Trump stood alone on stage for more than an hour while Kushner, the former president’s younger kids, Eric and Barron, and former first lady Melania Trump observed from the audience.

Ivanka Trump began working as the president’s full-time adviser in March 2017 after serving as her father’s informal adviser for the first two months of his presidency. Critics brought up her lack of relevant experience. However, supporters pointed out that her father ran a campaign that focused specifically on his business background and the idea of being an outsider. In addition, Trump’s approach to governance was praised for being innovative.

Although it was uncommon for a president’s child to work in an administration, Trump was accustomed to this position. It’s because Ivanka served as her father’s trusted advisor from when she was a young adult until she assumed the position of executive vice president at the Trump Organization. So her role as a political counselor to his 2016 election campaign was nothing new.

Ivanka’s Siblings: What About Them?

Ivanka was neither there nor Donald Jr., the 45th president’s oldest child. Sources claim that his absence was the cancellation of his booked flight, which prevented him from returning from a hunting expedition in the West in time for the event.

Unlike Jared and Ivanka, who have reportedly changed their minds, insiders claim that Donald Jr., Eric, and their respective significant others, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump, are already in on their father’s 3rd straight run for the White House.

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