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Qatar World Cup: What Can LGBTQ Soccer Fans Expect?



Qatar World Cup

The world is looking to the FIFA World cup of  2022. The history of soccer always tells the emotion of love, politics, and unity between the nations, even if they are not participating. After a lot of controversies, Qatar is finally hosting the program, which means the first Middle East nation after 92 years. But still, the controversies and urge of disappointment are spilling out due to the national law and order regarding the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ and Qatar 

Even though Qatar welcomed all, the law and orders restrict the LGBTQ community support in the field by soccer teams. OneLove Rainbow bands are already designed and decided worn by the captains of each soccer team from European nations and it is not allowed by Qatar’s policies on Homosexuality.

Due to the Islamic rules, the nation itself has rules to punish those who are in love with same-sex, that is 7 years in prison and more. If it is a married man, the sharia court will directly verdict for the execution of those. Reports say that there is a massive rejection of these fans in the stadiums. The Qatari government is not giving any particular statement about this.

LGBTQ And Qatar 

But Laura McAllister, a former soccer player from Wales, has been rejected from entering the stadium because she was wearing the band of OneLove and also she tweeted it on her Twitter account. But, this is a crucial moment for Qatar because all of the soccer fans and LGBTQ community, as well as supporters, are watching over each step even if they are understanding the culture of Qatar. 

As we mentioned above, FIFA World Cup welcomed everyone from every community to watch the matches. But at the same time, advised understanding the diversity of the world and culture there. But, there were no hints of pressurizing to remove the open support for LGBTQ fans. The feeling of dissatisfaction is getting higher due to FIFA is also a movement to support the oppressed as you know about the news of the Iran team who refused to sing the national anthem. 

About safety and Security for the Fans LGBTQ Community and supporters

Govt of Qatar is still securing all safety from all community and stand for the slogan of “welcoming all”. As a conservative country, they cannot completely open up for all types of representations of support and expressing love in public. Apart from that, FIFA could organize the whole match only by avoiding scenes of bummers about the rules and regulations of the Qatari Government with all due respect. 

When we discuss love and its expression of it in public, homosexuality, kissing in public without marrying the person, and adultery are also legally prohibited in Qatar. Officials in the tourism industry of the LGBTQ community advise making sure about the dress, accessories, and even apps on the phone. Some say it is better to drop this World Cup and not go to Qatar. 

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Life of LGBTQ is marginalized and now this is an era of the emergence of liberty and growth. The history of each FIFA was so close to the history of nations, the connection between them, and talking of politics.

After such growth to the whole world, the situation of FIFA 2022 and the approach towards LGBTQ community fans is really disappointing. Qatar is having Sharia rules and regulations which are not friendly to many human love, dressings, homosexuality, and relationships. 

Now, there are notions, and many posts arise on social media. But, it is completely not in the hands of FIFA now. Qatar freezes many measurements of these penalizing not only for this match season. But nothing more!

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