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LGBTQ Community Struggles To Spread Love And Acceptance Despite Growing Threats



LGBTQ Community Struggles To Spread Love And Acceptance Despite Growing Threats

GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ media advocacy association released a report lately on 16th December on the growing number of threats and attacks faced by the LGBTQ+ and queer communities.

And from this report, it is clear that around 141 incidents are marked within the year 2022 and most of them were against the drag events. Similar incidents were even faced by the performers who attended the campaign ads for the midterm elections.     

As the rate of LGBTQ sentiment, threats, and attacks are increasing at a higher rate, more than 50% of trans and non-binary youths in the United States have contemplated executing suicide seriously. There are chances for an increase in the rate and the current number is based on the latest data collected by the Trevor Project.     

What Challenges Do LGBTQ People Face? 

According to LGBTQ+ activist, Barbara Gittings equality is more than just passing laws. For her, the struggles of achieving it are really won in the hearts and minds of those belonging to the communities.

LGBTQ Community Struggles To Spread Love And Acceptance Despite Growing Threats

She believes that political wins are essential for the LGBTQ+ community, but at the same time, true LGBTQ acceptance goes much deeper. She even added that everybody knows the success of a real struggle only when they are respected, acknowledged, and valued by friends and colleagues at the workspace, and families.

And everyone in their queer community is looking forward to such a day when every LGBTQ individual feels like themselves without the need to be hiding their own personalities. They wish to be free and as the person, they are without hiding who they love or how they identify. 

As for her, she is so happy that the world has changed a lot and LGBTQ acceptance is increasing a lot compared to that of the past. According to the records, the representation of LGBTQ+ people in media has reached the highest record in the year 2022. Also, global discrimination over LGBTQ rights has decreased. 

In 2007, only 42% of the total population of the United States agreed that homosexuality must be accepted. But as of now, things have changed and more than 70% of Americans agree with this opinion and even support them every step of the way to equality and LGBTQ+ rights.

These supporters even are of the opinion that LGBTQ acceptance still got a long way to go. As of the reports, hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills were filed already in the United States this year.

Also, President Biden has even warned against the recent increase in violence and hatred LGBTQ community. As people are afraid of this hate and threats, more than 80% of LGBTQ individuals are afraid of revealing their identity and still hide their sexual orientation. 

LGBTQ acceptance is more of what and how society responds to and supports the value of individuals belonging to the community. This is even the same for those who belong to similar social groups, sexuality, gender minority, and to those people who identify themselves as non-binary.

For them, this acceptance will be more like gaining some political and economic power. It even means like any other form of social acceptance and provides them with equal access to healthcare, housing, and work opportunities. 

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According to Barbara, LGBTQ+ rights are more of human rights, and because of this, it is very necessary and crucial that LGBTQ+ acceptance must be taken into consideration by every individual globally.

Even though it may not be a concern for others, it really matters to those who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. She even suggests that the LGBTQ identity of an individual must never prevent anyone from progressing in the career of their choice, receiving the pay they deserve, or being an important part of the community to which they belong. 

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